Backpacking in Asia #17: Hong Kong!

The next destination after Chiang Mai was Hong Kong! When I was still in The Netherlands, I didn’t plan to go to Hong Kong. But plans can change during backpacking and that’s also what happened during my travel in Thailand. Instead of Laos I decided to go to Hong Kong, where a friend of mine was living at that time.

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Backpacking in Asia #10: Krabi!

I didn´t really feel like flying again, so I had the great idea to take the bus from Bangkok to Krabi, which took 15 hours. After not sleeping in the bus, I arrived in Krabi with lots of stickers on my shirt. You got a sticker every time you had a different bus or van, and yes. In Thailand you never know in how many different buses you are gonna be in advance.

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#5 International Uniqueness: Rubén Segovia Cobo from Spain

We are all human beings, but we all look different. Every culture has his own beauty. I want to show this beauty by my photography project: International Uniqueness. In this project, I’m going to photograph people from different cultures. I do this during my erasmus study in Finland. The people who are going to be photographed, all have their own stories about their country. This project is going to be made in Oulu, Finland.

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