Backpacking in Asia #3: Ha Giang!

After hiking in the beautiful nature of Sa Pa, it was again time for exploring the nature of Vietnam. But a little bit less active this time. With motorbikes (although I have to admit that sitting on a motor for three days in a row is a real workout for your ass)! Continue reading

#1 International Uniqueness: Siobian Heiblom from The Netherlands

In my first month as an exchange students I met so much different cultures. I’m impressed by the culture differences that we all have. We are all human beings, but we all look different. Every culture has his own beauty. I want to show this beauty by my new photography project: International Uniqueness. In this project, I’m going to photograph people from different cultures. They all have their own stories about their country. This project is going to be made in Oulu, Finland.

We start with Siobian Heiblom from The Netherlands. Continue reading