5 things you hear when you are born skinny

The whole day I think about food. When I lay in bed, I already think about what I want for dinner the next day. My mom says: ”It’s good that you don’t have the genes to gain weight, otherwise you would be really fat.” Of course, not all people know this about someone. When Vogue puts a post on Facebook of a skinny model, you know that they will get bad reactions. ”SHE HAS TO EAT A PIZZA”, ”SHE IS SICK”. Maybe she just ate pizza, who knows. What typical things do you hear born skinny? Continue reading


I live in Holland, so the sun is not shining all the time. Sometime I wish I lived in Hawaii so that I could lay on the beach everyday. Everybody will have this thought when he or she is walking outside completely wet because of the rain I think. Or has a skin color that is more white than a milk bottle. But this week, I was happy about the weather in the Netherlands! I used this lovely sun to wear a croptop again. I wear a blue bomberjack with it. When I was doing my internship at an online fashion platform two years ago, I had a lot of nice events. At an opening of a store, I got a cheque to buy some clothes of that shop. I used it to buy this jacket. Still love it! Continue reading

OUTFIT POST: Chic look with Adidas pants

When I was shopping in Germany, I saw those retro Adidas pants. At first, I wanted to try them for fun. The weird colors that can be very wrong, but can also be really cool in a way. When I was wearing the pants, I realised I wanted to combine it on a way that doesn’t look like I just came back from sport. So when I was home, my closet was immediately open for inspiration. I found my chic blouse from B.Loved, which make the pants look way different than when I would combine it with a sweater. Continue reading

5 Things to do in Budapest

Going to Budapest? Great choice! I went there this summer with a friend and I really enjoyed it. The city is full of beautiful architecture, nice parcs, good vibes and perfect places to party. I heard from a lot of people that the city was perfect to combine seeing a beautiful city with exploring nice clubs. And they were really right. What places are must sees in Budapest? Continue reading