My little sister does my make up

When I was 12, I was still practicing with blue eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner. But at the same age, my little sister knows everything about make up. She is watching a lot of Youtube and has more make up than me. Excited to see what she can do? Watch the video! Continue reading

The northern lights and huskis in magical Lapland + VIDEO

The last time I wrote a post is almost two weeks ago, sooo time for an update! Oulu is so good for me. Everything is getting more normal now. Going to school, going out  and enjoying the beautiful country. The second week of February was so much fun. We went sporting and tried to relax a bit because the weekend was going to be very busy. It was Charlotte her birthday! Continue reading

How do models get scouted?

I am very fascinated by models. The one in a million look. The girls or boys that were not always the most beautiful in high school, but very special. Therefore I love to follow the world of modeling. I love to be up to date when there are new models upcoming, or when models make a comeback. But how do this models get scouted? A lot of people don’t know this. I made a production about it, where I went scouting together with Xandra van Rooijen and Marielle Macville. They were international high fashion models by themselves, before Xandra started Xandra van Rooijen Model Management.

Continue reading