5 Things to do in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city. I’ve been there 2 years ago and I’ve been there again this summer. The city is colourful and gives you the feeling that people built it with lots of passion. Another good thing about the city is that it’s a cheap city for a citytrip. You can already eat dinner for like 5 euros. But which places should you visit while going to Prague? Continue reading


5 Things to do in Budapest

Going to Budapest? Great choice! I went there this summer with a friend and I really enjoyed it. The city is full of beautiful architecture, nice parcs, good vibes and perfect places to party. I heard from a lot of people that the city was perfect to combine seeing a beautiful city with exploring nice clubs. And they were really right. What places are must sees in Budapest? Continue reading

Finland update: friend visiting, carnaval and a magical frozen sea

After I went back from Lapland, it was time for something fun again: my good friend Jeffrey came to visit me. He voluntary went to the cold Finland. Good for him, it was only -7 degrees, which is like summer for us. But it became better: when he arrived, he showed me that he brought my favorite chips: sweet chili from Lays. I missed them so much! Just as frikadellen, which you can get in all the snackbars in Holland. He also brought a whole liter of vodka, which I can use very good here of course. Continue reading