OUTFIT POST: Chic look with Adidas pants

When I was shopping in Germany, I saw those retro Adidas pants. At first, I wanted to try them for fun. The weird colors that can be very wrong, but can also be really cool in a way. When I was wearing the pants, I realised I wanted to combine it on a way that doesn’t look like I just came back from sport. So when I was home, my closet was immediately open for inspiration. I found my chic blouse from B.Loved, which make the pants look way different than when I would combine it with a sweater. Continue reading

OUTFIT POST: Mom jeans, silver and sunny glasses

It’s Holiday! That means having the time to shop until you cannot walk anymore. It looks like doing workouts, but then just with the the next shop as a goal instead of the amount of kilometres. During my holiday I went to different cities in the Netherlands to do some shopping. Continue reading

OUTFIT POST: 70s red on red look

I’m home again! That means no big jackets or snowboots anymore. I celebrated this with an outfit I really missed: my red on red look. While I was studying in Oulu, I looked for the yellow glasses for so long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. The first time when I was in the city again in the Netherlands, I found my perfect glasses. I love to wear them in the summer or on a festival. It’s so cool to combine! And as you can see, I really need a tan after Finland. So let’s celebrate the summer, get a tan and wear the best outfits. Continue reading