Time for a new outfitpost again. It’s still winter, but it’s not that cold. A year ago I was currently in temperatures like -25, so walking on the streets in 6 degrees is perfect. This means that I can also change my clothes to the weather. Of course it’s not 30 degrees and I’m not laying on my butt in Hawaii or something, but still I chose to wear a croptop. I love croptops and especially when they don’t show your whole belly but just a little part of it. Continue reading

OUTFIT POST: Pink fake fur flamingo coat

I post a lot of outfits on Instagram, but it’s a time ago I showed you an outfit on my blog. But, as almost everyone I also have good intentions for 2018. And that’s not eating less because I like food too much. It’s also not sporting because I like sporting anyway. It’s posting more on my blog. So if you have something that you want to have an article about, just let me know! Continue reading

OUTFIT POST: My outfit is on fire

When I first saw this flame dress in the shop, I had to laugh. I thought it was looking so weird and I wanted to try it for the fun. I walked to the changing rooms and with a little struggle, I got the dress on. I felt completely in love. The model of the dress is really good. And of course, it’s cool to be literally ‘on fire’. On a sunny day in October, I enjoyed the dress outside. What do you think? Continue reading


I live in Holland, so the sun is not shining all the time. Sometime I wish I lived in Hawaii so that I could lay on the beach everyday. Everybody will have this thought when he or she is walking outside completely wet because of the rain I think. Or has a skin color that is more white than a milk bottle. But this week, I was happy about the weather in the Netherlands! I used this lovely sun to wear a croptop again. I wear a blue bomberjack with it. When I was doing my internship at an online fashion platform two years ago, I had a lot of nice events. At an opening of a store, I got a cheque to buy some clothes of that shop. I used it to buy this jacket. Still love it! Continue reading