5 Tips to dress for cold weather

When I tell people I lived in Finland, they immediately begin about the cold. ”DID YOU SURVIVE?” or ”HOW DO YOU DRESS FOR THOSE TEMPERATURES?” are things I hear a lot often. In this blog post, I will give you some tips to dress for the cold.  Continue reading

Dressing up party

When I was a little child, I loved to have a dressing up party. I met with friends and we dressed ourselves in the most ugly outfits and laughed really hard about it. A blue sportlegging with a flower blouse and glasses from 50 years ago for example. We had this box with funny clothes for dressing up. Continue reading

4 Reasons why you should go on Erasmus

In 2016, I made the best choice of my life. I decided to go on Erasmus. Not to a warm country like Spain, but to the cold Finland where it was like -20 when we arrived. Soon, it was getting warm because of all the beautiful people I was surrounded with. Maybe you ever thought about studying abroad, but you didn’t do it because it looks scary and like a lot of work. I can ensure you: it’s really worth it. But why should you go on Erasmus? Continue reading

4 Fashion mistakes I made in high school

I didn’t always like fashion that much. When I was a little child, I hated shopping. The only thing I wanted to do was playing soccer and wearing sport clothes. When I tell that to people now, they have to laugh. I love shopping now. But of course, I made a lot of mistakes in fashion. Especially in high school. A while ago, I was looking at pics of when I was around 14. What cruel mistakes did I made? Here are 5 examples of it. Continue reading