3 Haute Couture shows you NEED to see

I love Haute Couture. Dreaming of dresses I’m gonna wear during my wedding while watching the shows with a bag of crisps on the couch. It always feels like a fairytale to watch the shows though. This time, I also watched some of them. But what did I like about them? Continue reading

5 things you hear when you are born skinny

The whole day I think about food. When I lay in bed, I already think about what I want for dinner the next day. My mom says: ”It’s good that you don’t have the genes to gain weight, otherwise you would be really fat.” Of course, not all people know this about someone. When Vogue puts a post on Facebook of a skinny model, you know that they will get bad reactions. ”SHE HAS TO EAT A PIZZA”, ”SHE IS SICK”. Maybe she just ate pizza, who knows. What typical things do you hear born skinny? Continue reading

Must see fashiondocumentary: IRIS

Photocredits: Waiamcia/Flickr

The world is overloaded with fashion icons. If you look on Instagram, you see a lot of girls posing with their outfits. Less frequently do you see a 93 year old fashion icon. This icon is Iris Apfel. She is still rocking her best outfits. Not only when see is home, but also at the frontrow at the best shows. She is sitting next to big names as Anna Wintour.

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