Who is JLDLSN?

Welcome to my blog! I am Julia Dilissen, where the name JLDLSN is made of.  I currently study journalism in Holland, where I can express my passion for visual arts. I love to write, picture things and to make videos. I want to show people things, inspire them with my own kind of view. Above that I love to sport. I play soccer as long as I can remember. And not to forget: I love traveling.  On my blog, you can find articles I wrote during my study abroad in Finland. You will also find other articles about traveling.

I have a big obsession with fashion. Therefore you should find a lot articles about fashion on my blog. I wrote for a lot of websites and want to express myself on this blog. There is one special thing that can’t be forgotten: I LOVE FOOD. I am that kind of person that things almost every second of the day about food.

With this blog, I want to give you inspiration by showing the things that inspire me. Enjoy!

Contact: dilissenjulia@outlook.com