Backpacking in Asia #15: Pai!

After Chiang Mai, I decided to go to Pai together with another Dutch girl. Which meant: going with a bus on a road with 762 curves. Yes, 762. In a van with a sign with ‘don’t fart here’ in it (really random). I was really happy that I’m never sick in cars.

We both handled all the curves and arrived in Pai with our backpacks. We booked a resort together, which even had a taxi service. After having some miscommunications because their English was not the best, everything was fine in the end and we arrived in our resort. Which was heaven after sleeping in hostels for a long time. I already forgot what a soft mattress felt like. We just chilled a bit and lay at the pool. I wanted to jump into the beautiful pool, but my eyes immediately went to the big cockroach that was happily swimming in the water. And then, I fell down really hard in the pool. As you can see being at the other side at the world doesn’t change who you are. I’m still clumsy.

I asked the reception if they could get the cockroach out of the water, but she didn’t understand. So I showed her a picture on Google of the cockroach. A boy came looking at the water, so I was happy I could swim without a cockroach again. But he just walked away without the cockroach and said I just needed to get it out myself with a leave. So weird, because the rest of the resort was really clean. Anyway, I still had a great time. And the cockroach too.

In the evening we decided to go to the evening market in Pai, which was so nice! I went to lots of markets in Thailand but this one felt a bit different with the hipster vibe that Pai has all over the place. Food was really important during my travel, I just love food. So we went looking for the perfect place to eat. We ended up in this local restaurant where we had great food. And it was so cheap. With our bellies full of food, we walked back to the resort because we wanted to get up early in the morning. A day on a motorbike was planned!

After having a great breakfast at the resort where you could just eat bread and butter but also whole Thai dishes, we went on the motorbike to the hot springs. Yes, that’s really what you do in 35 degrees. The route to the hot springs was so beautiful. We almost saw no cars and the nature was breathtaking. The hot springs where great too, because I felt like I just came out of a spa when I came out of the water. They say that the water at the hot spring is really good for your skin. Always worth the try!

We jumped on our motorbike again to enjoy our last day at the resort. Which meant: laying at the pool. But not before we got an amazing lunch in the centre. I ate pesto again after a long time, which I really missed. I eat so much pesto in the Netherlands so I really looked forward to it. Although it didn’t even tasted like pesto, the food was great. And the fruit shake too. With our bellies full again we just chilled at the pool until the sun was coming down. That was the moment we waited for. We went to the Pai Canyon for sunset. I only saw pictures of way too dangerous cliffs when I Googled it, but it turned out not everything was like that. The place was beautiful, despite we didn’t see any sunset.

In the evening it was time to grab some food at the night market and the next day Talisa left to Southern Thailand. I decided to go to a hostel and to have a day of doing nothing. That’s also sometimes where traveling is for right? I went to a pool near the hostel, wrote a bit, called with home and read a book. Perfect! In the evening I met some Canadian girls where I went to the night market with.

Lots of people travel the same route, which is really nice because you can meet nice people again on the road then. That’s also what I did with a Belgium girl I met in Chiang Mai. She booked the same hostel, so nice! In the morning I met an Israeli girl which I had really nice talks with at the pool. The Belgium girl joined us at the pool later. I have to say the days in Pai where really chilled. I saw most of the things during my first days, so I didn’t had the feeling anymore that I missed important stuff.

The Belgium girl and I decided to do something sportive and we hiked to the Big Buddha. I bought a Snicker at the Seven Eleven first ( I ate so many Snickers during my travel) and then I was ready to go. After hiking to the wrong Buddha first, we arrived at the right one. And as always, it was so worth the hike. The view was amazing: a beautiful landscape with a little bit of sunset.

This made me feel a bit less of a lazy backpacker those days. The next day, I went with the bus back to Chiang Mai (762 curves again). So in my next blog: Chiang Mai part 2!

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