Backpacking in Asia #13: Ao Nang!

After Koh Phi Phi, I decided to chill some days in Ao Nang before flying to Northern Thailand. I booked a hostel with a beautiful view which looked like a mini resort. With a pool! I did this because I ate something wrong in Koh Phi Phi, and I had lots of pain because of an injury on my shins. This resulted in me only being able to walk like a penguin. But I can’t complain about taking it slowly on a beautiful place with sun.

When I arrived in Ao Nang, I went into a van that brought more people to their hostel or hotel. To be sure I arrived at the right place, I put Google Maps on. ”You are here!”, the driver told me when I saw that my hostel was just on the complete opposite side of the centre. Everyone was already out, but I told him it was not the right place. He really didn’t understand, but I gave him my phone to navigate and he brought me to the right destination. Then at some point, he understood. ”Aaaaaah, Glow Hotel, Glur Hostel, ooooooh”, he said while laughing really hard and saying sorry ten times. It turned out that he didn’t know the difference in pronunciation between those two places. It was really cute, because he said sorry twenty more times and helped me with my luggage. At first I felt stupid I gave my phone to him because I was completely alone in the van with him. But in the end, everything was fine.

I was welcomed by lots of bats. There were like twenty bats flying over me. I’m not really scared of them, but there are better things when you are alone in a hostel. Soon, two nice Dutch girls came into my room and we had dinner together. Always goes so easily. The day after, I decided I just needed to stay in the hostel. I made some phone calls with friends, wrote a bit, chilled at the pool. And I wavered to the McDonalds because I really felt like eating McDonalds. In the evening, I ate fries again at a market (I love fries). I met with the Dutch girls again and we went with the three of us on 1 motorbike to an evening market. When I first arrived in Asia, I saw 3 people sitting on 1 motorbike and I was shocked. Looks like I got used to the culture…

The girls asked if I wanted to join them on a hike the day after, which I really would have loved to. I can really enjoy chilling for a day, but the day after I want to be active again most of the time. Unfortunately, my shins were still too painful so I couldn’t join them. So I had another chill day at the pool and I decided to go for a short walk to the centre with my camera. The good thing is that as long I am traveling with a camera, I will never be bored.

In my next blog: Chiang Mai. Where I was not sick anymore, hiked to a temple and saw elephants.


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