Backpacking in Asia #12: Koh Phi Phi!

Last minute, we decided to go to Koh Phi Phi. I already knew it was a touristic island, but the perfect beaches with blue water where too attractive. And I have to say, after being in the beautiful but quiet Koh Lanta it was also nice to have some life again.

I went together with a German girl. We looked for a hostel like detectives, but it was really hard to find one with good recommendations. Therefore we decided to book a resort. Which was also not the best thing ever (I read a review about a cockroach in the bathroom), but we concluded the compromise that Kristin would kill the cockroach if there was one. I’m happy we did, because later there was a cockroach in the bathroom.

When we arrived on the island, I already saw the beautiful beaches above my daypack. We walked to the resort, which was better than expected and really close to the sea. After laying on the bed we walked a bit and ate in a restaurant that later became our favorite restaurant (we ate here 3 times). In the time that you had to wait for the food there, they gave you 3 in a row to play. It was really funny the first time I saw this.

In the evening we met with another German girl I met in Bangkok. It was really funny, because Kristin new the guy that the girl was with from Bangkok. Small world, even in Thailand. After having a way to expensive cocktail ( Koh Phi Phi really has different prices) where a big spider was joining our table, we decided to go to the party beach. I felt like I was going out in a Dutch club because the music was exactly the same, but then with my bare feet in the sand. And of course with the beautiful sounds of the sea on the background. It was a really fun experience.

When I woke up, I felt the party I had the day before. But that didn’t stop me from being active. We decided to hike to the idealistic Long Beach. We sweat the alcohol out of our body in some minutes. The beginning of the hike was really easy, but it became harder and harder. At the end, we really needed to climb down with a rope. Here, we also met an English girl that joined us later. Goes so easily. And what’s better than ending your hike at a beautiful beach with blue water? Yes, nothing. I grabbed my pink diving masked and jumped into the water. In the evening, we went to a Muay Thai bar which was really fun to see. People could fight against each other, but at a certain moment it was time for the professionals. It looked really painful but it was also really impressive to see (although maybe they were actors).

The next day it was time for another hike. Kristin found a hike in a book that was like a hidden paradise. We already read that the road was difficult and a bit in the jungle, but what is better than finding a hidden beach on the touristic Koh Phi Phi? With this thought in our head, we started our hike. First we went to the viewpoint of Koh Phi Phi which I was really impressed with. I saw the whole island in front of me. Of course, I only made pictures from my back here because my face was filled with sweat. But it was completely worth it.

And then it was time for our more difficult hike, where we went with six people. When we entered the jungle, it was full of mosquitos. Everyone got so many bites, but I felt really adventurous so I was okay with it. The nature was beautiful and I was already dreaming about the beach, but then the disappointment came. There was a really big tree on the ground, so we couldn’t go further. Twenty mosquito bites later, we where in the normal world again and we went to another beach.

Sunsets at the beach are perfect, so while laying on the beach we decided to kajak in the evening to spot the sunset. We entered the calm water which made me feel so chilled. The man that hired us the kajak asked if we wanted a life jacket, but we toughly said no. Soon, more waves where coming and I started to regret not having the life jacket. I already saw myself laying in the water with my dry bag, but we survived! And despite no sunset it was still really beautiful.

My next blog will be about Ao Nang, where I mostly chilled because I was a bit sick.


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