Backpacking in Asia #11: Koh Lanta!

After Krabi it was time for my first island in Thailand: Koh Lanta! I wanted to visit a less touristic island and Koh Lanta seemed like the perfect choice.

And it was! I decided to go to Koh Lanta together with a nice German girl I met in Krabi. When I arrived at the island, I immediately got a warm welcome from the happy bus driver: ”Welcome to Koh Lanta!” Soon I recognized that it was low season on the island. It was really quiet: perfect for our plans because we wanted to explore Koh Lanta on the motorbike.  After making 20 pictures of the motorbike because we didn’t want to be scammed, we started our engines. The only thing we knew about the first beach we wanted to go was that there was a red sign on the road which said the name of the beach. Of course, I completely passed the plate and Kristin needed to scream that we already passed it. I was happy that she did, because soon we saw a really beautiful beach laying with almost no people on it.

After this beach we went to another one, which was not so beautiful because there was a lot of trash. So we went back to the hostel to take a shower. We washed all the sweat off and went to Long Beach,  located next to our hostel. Such a beautiful beach too, with a beautiful sunset this time. Therefore we wanted to stay longer and we decided to have our dinner on the beach. And if you are eating on the perfect beach with sunset, you need cocktails too. So that’s what we ordered! This is what holiday looks like.

We needed to walk back to our hostel on a dark beach, which resulted in me looking at every corner if there was a cockroach hiding. Fortunately, I didn’t saw any. We went back to our hostel room, which also was a private room because we were the only people sleeping there. In the morning I ate bread, watermelon and pineapple, an egg and a nice cupcake and then I was ready to start the day again. I jumped on the motorbike again and we started our journey to Koh Lanta city. Soon I saw that the roads where not that easy as I thought. Mountains where everywhere so we also needed to cross the mountains. I have to say it was beautiful to see, although I also felt that I needed to watch out a bit. In the end, we arrived at Koh Lanta city without any wounds.

The city was so quiet and surrounded by beautiful nature. We had a drink next to the water which was the perfect place to sit. The seven people that were working in the restaurant didn’t like it that much. They had customers now so they needed to start working. Too much of course. We didn’t care because the view was amazing.

After the city we went further to more beaches, wherefore we needed to drive on mountains with monkeys that were playing on the road as obstacles. So magical. In the evening we went for dinner, where a frog joined me next to my feet.

We had really good luck with the weather on our motorbike days, because the day after it started to rain really hard. Fortunately the weather was better in the end of the day and we could make plans for our next destination while laying on the beach. The plan was to go to the small island Koh Mook, but because it’s an Islamic island and it was Ramadan, it turned out not to be the best destination. Last minute we decided to go to the more touristic island Koh Phi Phi, where you will read more about in my next blog.

To end our trip in Koh Lanta, we went for a run next to the beach where dogs wanted to join us, ate in a restaurant with more people from the hostel, bought 90 % DEET because the mosquitos didn’t leave us alone and we booked our resort in Koh Phi Phi.

In my next blog: canoeing, partying, hiking and perfect beaches at Koh Phi Phi.

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