Backpacking in Asia #10: Krabi!

I didn´t really feel like flying again, so I had the great idea to take the bus from Bangkok to Krabi, which took 15 hours. After not sleeping in the bus, I arrived in Krabi with lots of stickers on my shirt. You got a sticker every time you had a different bus or van, and yes. In Thailand you never know in how many different buses you are gonna be in advance.

When I arrived in the hostel early in the morning, they said to my sleepy face that I could only check in six hours later. I was already counting all the hours without sleep, when luckily they already had room in a mixed dorm instead of a girls dorm. In the end there were only girls in the room, so I still had the girls room I payed for. Perfect! Soon an English girl asked if I wanted to join for breakfast. I met 2 German girls here as well. Goes so easily! I still was sleeping from the inside, but food goes first of course.

After having a great toast, I started my after dinner siesta. In the end, my siesta took about 1 hour and then I started to explore the city a bit. Later a German girl and I got the great plan to go for a sportive evening (with almost no sleep): climbing the Tiger Cave Temple for sunset, which means climbing 1237 steps in extremely hot weather. It immediately begun well. I stept out of the car and my beautiful Teva flip flops landed in the only mud there was on the whole parking. Fortunately a sweet guy that joined us on the hike threw some of his water over my feet so I could start the hike without mud. Perfect!

The sweat dripped of my whole body and it felt like I just swum in the salty sea ( I know, really attractive). With confronting numbers that were written on the steps, I found my way up. Okay, so 800 more steps to go I thought when I still didn’t drink water because our guide told us the monkeys would maybe jump on it (and I rather don’t have rabies).  When I reached the 1237th step, I soon realized the hike was completely worth it. I saw a wide view over Krabi with a crazy beautiful sunset. It was so good. What made it even better, where the wild monkeys I saw on the way back. Monkeys are my favorite animals since I was a little kid so I was really blown away when I saw them!

Who hikes, deserves food. And that’s why after taking a shower, we went to a night market in Krabi. I ate the best Pad Thai ever here, which I ordered from a woman who was making the food fresh in front of my face. And you know what I paid for it? Only €1,50. Crazy right? While eating my food we enjoyed a live concert which looked like auditions for Holland’s Got Talent, but then with the failed auditions included. It was so funny.

The next day I went to Railay Beach together with some English and German girls. I didn’t bring my camera (which I still regret), but the beach is so beautiful. Before we could enter the paradise, we needed to go on an old longtail boat. The view from the boat was so beautiful. All the rocks in the water reminded me of Halong Bay. After a while I saw this perfect beach laying, where the driver of the boat dropped us. At the island a pirate was waiting for us (yes, he was really dressed like Jack Sparrow). Next to Jack Sparrow we got welcomed by a dangerous snake and by the cutest monkey ever.

I did some snorkeling on the island, chilled in the sun and after we went for food. I tried the typical meal mango sticky rice for the first time, which tastes very sweet. I liked it, but I was not really a fan because I love salty way more. Although it was nice to have tried another typical meal. We were still dreaming about the beautiful island when we realized the latest boat to the mainland was almost leaving. We started running and running. And it worked: we got the boat. We only could enter the boat after walking through mud because the water was gone at a part of the island. With dirty feet and after being changed in 3 different boats, we went back to the island where we went to the evening market again. Which meant: nice food again and beautiful (and less beautiful) performances, including a dancing chef, a dancing and singing young kid with fans. Oh, and I saw a huge rat.

In my next blog you will read about my next destination Koh Lanta, which I explored on the motorbike.


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