Backpacking in Asia #9: Bangkok part 1!

Time for Bangkok, Thailand! Where the first thing we did was going to McDonald´s. Of course.

Asian food is so great, but after a while I really feel like eating something different also. So we went to McDonald´s ( I really like McDonald´s), in Bangkok also known as the fridge because it was cold as ice inside. The Mac we went to was on Khaosan Road which is a really famous and chaotic backpackers street in Bangkok. I enjoyed my Bic Mac and after this we explored Khaosan Road, where they tried to get us in at their place at every corner of the street.

The next day we put our long pants and shirts on. Temple day! We first went to Wat Pho where I looked my eyes out. I made lots of pictures here because I was impressed by all the colors and the style of the temple. Hundreds of pictures later, we took a boat to the temple Wat Arun. Beautiful too! After we decided we saw enough temples for the day we chilled in a park where lots of locals did their daily workout. Including a guy who was seriously dancing salsa on loud music without a shame. The sky was getting darker and darker. And then it begun. It looked like the sky just collapsed. We hid from the rain in the park, but after 45 minutes we didn´t had patience anymore and we started walking. In the end, we hid under a temple and took a Grab. Better.

The next day the plan was to do a biking tour through Bangkok, but because of rude loud people in the hostel we only slept 2 hours. The alternative plan was to take a boat to some places in Bangkok. I have to say that this was really nice too! We first visited a big shopping centre where I couldn´t buy anything because my backpack is already way too full and I look like a turtle when I walk with my daypack and backpack. But still it was nice to see. For example, they had earrings with bags of crisps. I mean, this is perfect for me ( I eat crisps every day). The extra thing about this shopping centre was the amazing view from the highest floor. From here we had the perfect view over Bangkok.

We took the boat again, now to China Town to see the market and the sphere there. I liked it! After we went out for dinner and then it was already time for my mom to pack her bags. The next day I brought her to the airport and we both had to cry. We traveled four weeks together, so it felt so weird to start traveling on my own.

But soon I met an English and a German girl where I had lunch with. With the German girl I went to Ratchada Train Night Market where we tried some local food. Which lots of times means, really spicy dishes. I really love spicy but Asian spicy is a different level of spicy. While we were suffering while eating spicy noodles, the woman from the shop looked surprised at us. ´´Is it spicy?´´, she asked. To get rid of the spicy (or just because we wanted ice) we went to McDonald´s for an ice cream after.

The day after I just explored Bangkok a bit on my own (it can be really nice to be on your own sometimes), wrote some stuff and enjoyed while looking at my pictures and all the memories I had already made. In the evening, I took the night bus to Krabi. Which meant: 15 hours in the bus while trying to sleep. Unfortunately, I can never sleep in the bus.

In my next blog: the best Pad Thai at a night market, beautiful beaches and nice people in Krabi!

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