Backpacking in Asia #8: Phu Quoc Island!

To end the travel with my mom on a relaxed way, we decided to choose Phu Quoc Island as our last destination in Vietnam. The idea was to live in paradise for some days and get a tan here…

After a flight in the midnight in the smallest airplane I ever flew in (with only 12 passengers), we arrived in Phu Quoc completely tired. Luckily we immediately felt welcome when we arrived at the resort. ´´You can already go to the room´´, the friendly receptionist said. ´´Get some rest.´´ And so we did in our cute bungalow. After having a great power nap on a soft mattress, we jumped into the perfect clean swimming pool while the sun was shining bright. ´´What a paradise´´, we said to eachother. 

Two nights later we woke up from our dream. Our bungalow was surrounded by loud thunder and rain. The next day, this continued. I am used to tropical rain, but this was just a tropical day. It rained the whole day. Not completely something you hope for when you fly for way too much money to an island. But we made the best from our rainy day with food, swimming in the rain, more food with live music and eye masks.

Fortunately, the day before we already saw a beautiful beach in Phu Quoc, called Long Beach. And there was a swing! Yes, I was happy. Not only because I love the swing since I always played on it when I was younger, but also because I made way too many picures with it. Next to myself on a swing my camera was also filled with pictures from the dream beach with coconuts, white sand and blue water.

The weather on islands is so unpredictable that it´s always a surprise if it´s gonna rain. The day after our rainy day, it looked dark again. But we decided to do stuff anyway. We went to Pineapple Island with the longest cable car in the world. Despite the dark sky, it was still beautiful to see. And yes, after rain comes the sun.

We decided to rent a motorbike on the sunny day to explore the island and the beautiful beaches. It was my first experience on a motorbike but I have to say, despite my low speed it went pretty well. Our first destination was Sao Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. We parked the motorbike, walked on a green road where a really big gecko crossed and ended up in a peaceful beach with white sand and blue water. And also important, the sun! I immediately took my pink diving mask out of my bag again and started snorkeling. I saw some little fish, but better was that I found beautiful shells. After snorkeling I drunk a fruitshake and even tanned a bit. It´s all a paradise in the end!

After sweating on the motorbike, we jumped into the swimming pool. I have to say, we started our travel in Vietnam back to basic but step my step we got more luxury (during my solo travel not anymore so I have to kick off later). This is still really affordable in Vietnam. We loved riding the motorbike so much that we decided to hire it another day.

And this was a, let´s say, adventurous experience. It rained again and therefore the roads were really wet. My mom has more experience on a motorbike so she drove the biggest part. And she killed it. We drove a long way to Bai Dai Beach, which is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches. But the road to come there was more beautiful than the beach itself. We saw some local villages and had to watch out for lots of chicken on the way who fully confidence crossed the road.

The good thing about going somewhere with the motorbike is that you can stop whenever you want and find places you normally would never find. After our rainy experience we decided to ate in a place that was highly rater on TripAdvisor to fully enjoy our last days of our holiday together. When we came back at our bungalow in the dark, the resort owner looked worried. ´´You are back so late! Good that you are okay´´, she said relieved. We were more than okay after our good dinner and we jumped one last time in the pool.

In my next blog: the final destination with my mom before starting my travel alone: Bangkok!

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