Backpacking in Asia #7: Da Nang!

When we were in Hoi An, we didn´t really feel like going to Ho Chi Minh anymore. Instead, we decided to go to a city close to Hoi An, which is called Da Nang. My expectations of this city were not really high, but I have to say I liked the city!

Which may helped, is that I found a really beautiful hotel for cheap. It looked like it was to good to be true. At it maybe was a little bit, because when we arrived they asked us to pay more. I didn´t do it, because I had prove from the price on Anyway, we arrived at the hotel and immediately a guy came to us to carry our luggage. Not only into our hotel, but completely into our room. My mom and I said to him that we could carry our own daypack, but he really didn´t want us to carry anything. After looking our eyes out in the hotel, we decided to bike to the beach which was really close.

We just layed on the beach and read books. It was getting later and later. For some reason, in the end of the day it looks like all the tourists leave the beach and all the locals are coming. We still layed on the beach and were a touristic spot for the locals (at least, it looked like this). The locals looked at us like we were monkeys. To be honest, this felt a bit weird and rude. But on the other hand, I could laugh about it. I just looked at them until they stopped staring. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I could continue this staring battle for 10 minutes because they wouldn´t stop. We cycled back to the hotel and there the guy from the luggage was waiting for our sandy feet. He made them clean before we could enter the hotel. We jumped in the swimming pool, had a great shower and went looking for food. We ended up in an Indian restaurant where I ate a really good curry. When you google Da Nang, you see the Dragon Bridge. Of course we wanted to take a look here too after our dinner. And we did, on the bicycles again. Without thinking that all the tourists went there and the roads were really busy. But again, we survived!

After a chill day, it was time again to do something active. We went hiking through the marble mountains. We took the elevator up to safe some time and then I noticed that my outfit choice was completely the wrong one for this hike. I was wearing a dress and with windy weather, that is not really smart… Anyway, with my dress that I needed to put down every second we saw some beautiful pagodas, caves, nature, mountains and views. It completely was above my expectations so if you are in Da Nang, I would go there.

The next day, we had a really early flight so we needed to sleep soon. But before eating, we wanted to use the swimming pool and I did this like a little kid with handstands and everything. I love this. Then it was time to grab some food. But it was not that easy to find something else to eat than seafood because our hotel was really close to the sea. We didn´t feel like eating this. And then, we saw a restaurant full of local people drinking beer and eating big plates of typical Vietnamees food. In the end, we went there and although we first ordered two things that were not available anymore, the food was nice and really cheap. I don´t know what it is called, but is was something with salad and lots of garlic (good I didn´t sleep at a hostel this night).

In my next blog: the last destination in Vietnam with my mom, a rainy paradise and riding the motorbike!

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