Backpacking in Asia #4: Halong Bay!

After having active days in Sapa and Ha Giang, it was time for some rest. Therefore we stayed in a city close to Halong Bay (one of the seven world wonders), named Cat Ba.

To save some time, we took the night bus to Cat Ba. Perfect, I thought! Sleeping and traveling at the same time. That turned out to be an utopia. I choose completely the wrong place in the bus, which resulted in lots of feet. From people who were sleeping above me and from people in the back who thought it was a good idea to stretch their toes next to my face. You understand, I slept shitty. And I even dreamed about feet.

But at the end, the trip was worth it. We arrived at our hotel with the cutest owner ever who immediately gave us a drink to welcome us. Afer having the perfect banana pancake we decided to get some rest at the beach. It was the first time I actually used my bikini after being in Vietnam for more than a week. And it was awesome. Just as the perfect curry I had in the evening. In adventurous circumstances, because the power went of in the whole city of Cat Ba. Which resulted in a dark hotel full of geckos.

The next day it was time to really explore Halong Bay. We arranged a boat trip which included kayaking, snorkeling and really important: a good lunch. When I was younger, we went kayaking with the family more times. I completely felt like a kid again when I jumped into the boat with my life jacket on. In the kayak I saw the impressive cliffs in the water which looked like they were just dropped there by nature.

After paddling the lunch was waiting for us. In Vietnam, a lot of times they give you a big bowl of rice with lots of small bowls with ingredients you can put into it. Its a bit like eating tapas! With the rice in my belly I jumped into the perfect blue water with my pink diving mask (secretly I looked forward to using this mask since I bought it at Decathlon). The next destination after snorkeling was Monkey Island. Our hotel owner told us that some days earlier a little child was bitten by the aggressive monkeys. Therefore, he had to go to the hospital at the other side of Vietnam. We didn´t feel like going to Hanoi again, so we decided not to go to Monkey Island. Instead, we got picked up by a really small boat. My mom, two German guys and I were sitting on a really small boat that looked like it could disappear in the sea any moment. ´´It´s good that we are not getting sick in boats´´, a German guy said. But no worries: the boat brought us safely back to land. We decided to eat again at the same place we ate the night before. It was so good! I chose a salad instead of an Asian meal this time, because sometimes it can be really nice to have a different taste in your mouth.

We had a great time in Cat Ba and Halong Bay. In my next blog: Ninh Binh, where we cycled on a highway and had our first tropical rain (which means: lots of rain).

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