Time for a new outfitpost again. It’s still winter, but it’s not that cold. A year ago I was currently in temperatures like -25, so walking on the streets in 6 degrees is perfect. This means that I can also change my clothes to the weather. Of course it’s not 30 degrees and I’m not laying on my butt in Hawaii or something, but still I chose to wear a croptop. I love croptops and especially when they don’t show your whole belly but just a little part of it.

I combine my croptop with my always favorite yellow glasses. They make a simple outfit look better. And fun fact, when I wear those it actually looks like I’m laying on my butt in Hawaii. It makes everything so sunny. I wear it with a jacket that has a funny history. I bought this Adidas jacket when I was like 14 in high school, maybe 6 years ago or something. I was in love with it, but actually it was way too big for me. When I wore it, it looked like I had a mini air baby in the middle of my belly. This was in the years that everyone was wearing Adidas jackets so it was completely not original. In the end, the jacket was still in my closet all the years because it didn’t fit. And now, I can finally wear it. It gives this urban vibe to my outfit that I really like. What do you think about it?


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