Time for a new outfitpost again. It’s still winter, but it’s not that cold. A year ago I was currently in temperatures like -25, so walking on the streets in 6 degrees is perfect. This means that I can also change my clothes to the weather. Of course it’s not 30 degrees and I’m not laying on my butt in Hawaii or something, but still I chose to wear a croptop. I love croptops and especially when they don’t show your whole belly but just a little part of it. Continue reading


3 Haute Couture shows you NEED to see

I love Haute Couture. Dreaming of dresses I’m gonna wear during my wedding while watching the shows with a bag of crisps on the couch. It always feels like a fairytale to watch the shows though. This time, I also watched some of them. But what did I liked about them? Continue reading