5 Tips to dress for cold weather

When I tell people I lived in Finland, they immediately begin about the cold. ”DID YOU SURVIVE?” or ”HOW DO YOU DRESS FOR THOSE TEMPERATURES?” are things I hear a lot often. In this blog post, I will give you some tips to dress for the cold. 

Work with layers

Working with layers is a really good way to warm yourself, while you can also create a nice looking outfit. Of course, you can put on a big skiing jacket that will warm you. But when you want to look a bit better, layering is always a good idea.

Don’t go naked

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that going naked is not a good idea when it’s freezing. What I mean with it, is that it is really important to wear good underclothes. For example, a shirt that is really thight and fits in your pants. Or wear a body. That’s always a good idea to become warm. It’s a good way to avoid getting a big windstorm under your cosy sweater.

Bad socks suck

A thing you may not think of, but socks are really important to keep you warm. If you just wear low socks and you have naked ankles, the wind will immediately fill your body with cold.

Scarves for the win

Your jacket can be really warm, but when there is still coming wind into the jacket, you will still be cold. Therefore it’s a really good idea to wear a fashionable scarve with your jacket. This will ensure you that you will stay warm.

Combine oversized with tight clothes

What I did a lot, was combining sweaters with skinny jeans. This can be very boring, but when you work with layers above it, it can really work. So just take your way to big boyfriend sweater out in the cold and feel like you are in your pyjama while going to school or work. Sounds perfect right?


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