Little trip to England!

Erasmus gives you so many good things. One good thing is getting friends all over the world. A good friend of mine lives in England, close to London. Of course, I wanted to visit her because it’s not that long traveling from the Netherlands. So last weekend, I went to visit her together with three other Dutch girls from Erasmus.

We arrived at London Stansted, where we had to wait way too long for the bus. Of course, you need to use your time efficient. So we ordered Burger King and ate it while waiting. I have to admit that I hate Burger King. I’m more a fan of the MC Donalds, so we were all disappointed in the burger. This didn’t matter because later we were going to see our English friend Anya.

She lives in Milton Keynes so we had our trip here. We wanted to go fully English so we started our holiday with an English breakfast. I had pancakes with berries and banana (not really English but good food). Looovely. I always need food in the morning so I love to have a good breakfast. We did a bit more shopping and I bought a nice shirt in the sale. There was a big shopping mall so we just did shopping the whole day. We ended the shopping at Nando’s, where I had the best salad with spicy rice.

Furthermore we celebrated Halloween. We went completely in style and improvised with make up. I never really celebrated Halloween big in the Netherlands, so it’s nice to experience this in another country. What do you think of our improvised Halloween looks?

The trip ended with more food, a high tea, walking into the nature (beautiful sunset) , bringing back memories and the best talks. Nex time I go to England, I also want to visit London. I would love to find those tiny shops that are not that big, but have really unique stuff. Anyone some tips?

P.S. I think we have a talent for making the most awkward girlband look a like pictures.



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