4 Reasons why you should go on Erasmus

In 2016, I made the best choice of my life. I decided to go on Erasmus. Not to a warm country like Spain, but to the cold Finland where it was like -20 when we arrived. Soon, it was getting warm because of all the beautiful people I was surrounded with. Maybe you ever thought about studying abroad, but you didn’t do it because it looks scary and like a lot of work. I can ensure you: it’s really worth it. But why should you go on Erasmus?

1. Meeting people from all over the world

During a study abroad, it’s really easy to get to know a lot of people from all over the world in a short time. All the international students go on Erasmus to have a great time. Therefore most of the people are looking to connect with others. Before you know it, you have a big group of beautiful people around you. People where you experience the best moments with, that makes the connections even better. For me, it was for example the moment when we saw the northern lights the first time on a frozen lake. Everyone was happy, and being able to talk about it like a #throwback later makes it even better.

2. You will improve your language skills during Erasmus

English is the language everyone speaks. At the beginning, you need to get used to always talk in a language that is not your mother tongue. In my situation, there were more Dutch people in Finland. When I could finally speak Dutch again, it really felt like heaven. But when you are abroad for a longer time, you get used to speak English a lot. This will improve your language skills a lot.

Of course your English gets better, but when you study in a country like Spain you can also improve your Spanish. In my case, I didn’t came really far in Finnish. I love to learn languages, but Finnish is like Chinese for someone from the Netherlands. It doesn’t look like other languages. It’s a language that completely stands on its own. To get a better view on this, I will show you some words.

Mechanical pencil : lyijytäytekynä

Systematically: järjestelmällisesti

3. Erasmus makes you understand other cultures better

We live in a world with a lot of different cultures. For example, it’s in the Dutch culture to be really direct. I’m also a really direct person from myself, so you have to get used to the fact that it’s not normal for everyone to be like this. The Netherlands is also really open in things like your lovelife. When we said something about this when we were with people from South Korea, they were really surprised.

4. You are too busy to think about home the whole time

Before I went on Erasmus, I was really wondering how it would work out to be away from home for so long. But because a lot of things are organized by the universities and you meet a lot of people, you don’t really have the time to miss home. When I had to go home, I was of course really happy to see my family and friends again. However, I had the feeling that I could stay longer in Finland than the 5 months I went because it was so nice there.

Are you planning on studying abroad? And where do you want to go? Let me know!









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