5 things you hear when you are born skinny

The whole day I think about food. When I lay in bed, I already think about what I want for dinner the next day. My mom says: ”It’s good that you don’t have the genes to gain weight, otherwise you would be really fat.” Of course, not all people know this about someone. When Vogue puts a post on Facebook of a skinny model, you know that they will get bad reactions. ”SHE HAS TO EAT A PIZZA”, ”SHE IS SICK”. Maybe she just ate pizza, who knows. What typical things do you hear born skinny?

”You don’t want a piece of cake? Are you sick?”

Yeaah, really sick of you talking some bullshit.

”You will gain it later! You will get fat!”

Okay if you say so, extra reason to enjoy it more now.

”People need to have curves! Curvy girls are real.”

Didn’t know that skinny people where not real. Maybe they are aliens! Is it an invasion!?

 ”Why are you sporting? Do you wanna lose weight?”

Maybe just because I like sporting? Or maybe because I want to have enough condition to dance the whole night the worst moves in the club?

You can not whine about a food baby

Let me whine! And let my food baby whine too.

Do you recognize these things? Let me know!


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