5 Things to do in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city. I’ve been there 2 years ago and I’ve been there again this summer. The city is colourful and gives you the feeling that people built it with lots of passion. Another good thing about the city is that it’s a cheap city for a citytrip. You can already eat dinner for like 5 euros. But which places should you visit while going to Prague?

The Charles Bridge

I have to admit it’s way to busy on this bridge in the highest season, so it’s the best to go here when not that many people are on holiday. But the Charles Bridge is really a must see for your citytrip to Prague. From here, you have a beautiful view on the different bridges of Prague. It’s a good idea to visit the bridge also in the evening. When I was there, there was a big firework show that lighted up the whole area like art.

Kutná Hora

There are also beautiful places to see close to the busy city Prague. Kutná Hora is a really good idea if you want to escape from all the people and see beautiful architecture and colors. Kutná Hora is on the world heritage list of Unesco with all his beautiful buildings. It’s really a must see if you want to see some culture of Czech.


If you are a nature lover just as me, it’s perfect to go to the national park Krkonose. It’s really big, so you can choose which side of the park you want to go. I went to the Mumlava waterfall. It was sooo beautiful. The peaceful nature makes you really relax and for me, it was the perfect place to make a lot of pictures. The nature in the park is very green, which of course has to do with the fact that rain is normal in Czech. The only thing: it’s a 2 hour drive from Prague. But for me, it was definitely worth it.

Petrin Hill

Climb up the Petrin Hill to have a beautiful view on the whole city. You can choose to climb it, but if you didn’t do your work outs and you just want to chill, you can also go with a cable car. The first time I went to Prague I walked it, the second time when it was 30 degrees we went with the cable car. The Petrin Hill is kind of close to the Charles Bridge, so you can combine this if you want.

Statue of Franz Kafka

I looove this statue. It is so beautiful. When you are a lover of modern art, it’s surely worth to take a look at it. The first time I was in Prague I saw this and I just forgot the name. So when I saw it by accident this summer, I was happy. It looks like a head that is turning all the time and makes the face look different in every way.

Which places do you wanna visit in Prague? Let me know!




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