OUTFIT POST: Black and a lot of white

Time for an outfit post again! It’s warm again in the Netherlands, so I finally can wear my summer clothes. Summer clothes are so nice and attractive to buy. I have a lot of croptops and nice dresses, so when I see 1 stripe of sun outside I immediately want to wear it.

In this outfit, I show my love for black and white. I wear a lot of black, but I like to combine it with white. The contrast between the colors gives a nice effect. I bought the cap when I was in Prague and didn’t want my head to burn. The blouse, I also bought during my trip to Prague. I love it because I can wear it on many different ways.

The trouser was one of my hunts for the perfect one. A lot of times I have an idea of a piece of clothes I want, but I want to find the perfect one. Therefore it took a long time before I found my leather jacket, but also this trouser. Finally I found it at Stradivarius. It’s perfect for when it’s hot, but not the ‘I have to lay at the beach now’ hot.

Trouser: Stradivarius

Sneakers: Nike

Watch: Guess

Blouse: Vero Moda

Backpack: Herschel

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