5 Things to do in Budapest

Going to Budapest? Great choice! I went there this summer with a friend and I really enjoyed it. The city is full of beautiful architecture, nice parcs, good vibes and perfect places to party. I heard from a lot of people that the city was perfect to combine seeing a beautiful city with exploring nice clubs. And they were really right. What places are must sees in Budapest?

Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

It can be the perfect summer temperature in Budapest in summer. When you are die hard exploring the city in 34 degrees, it’s also good to have a place to relax and to cool down a bit. We did this at the fontain at Margaret Island. The fontain dances on the music that is played, which gives it a really holiday vibe. It’s also a really good place to make some pictures.

Bath house Szechenyi

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot weather or really cold when you want to visit bath house Szechenyi: the bath house has both warm as cold baths. You also have pools inside and outside. Inside, you can also find saunas and infrared cabins. It’s the perfect place to relax during your holiday. The entrance is around 18 euros, which includes a private cabin to leave your stuff. I have to admit that they are not really precisely with the hygiene, so bringing flip flops is a good idea.

St. Stephens Basilica

The basilic could also be built in Greece if you ask me. It has this romantic vibe. A place not to miss during your stay in Budapest. When you want to combine visiting the city with workouts, it’s perfect to climb up to the top of the basilic. From here you have an awesome view over the city.

Ruin Bar Szimpla Kert

If you also want to use your evenings in Budapest to do fun stuff, Szimpla Kert is the perfect place to go in the evening. You have a lot of ruin bars in Budapest, which are filled with crazy random stuff. For example, there is a rabbit in Szimpla Kert that is normally used in a carousel. Szimpla Kert is the perfect place to get inspired for fashionable or architecture stuff. It’s also good for drinking a couple of wines while dreaming away in all the details of the bar. When you want to dance a bit more, Instant is a good place to go after.

Photo credits: Jayphen/Flickr

Free walking tour

As in a lot of cities, you can also do a free walking tour in Budapest. At the end of the tour, you can decide how much money the tour was worth. We had a very nice guide during our tour. I think we walked for like 2,5 hours, and the guide told us facts that you cannot know when you just walk past it. When you like some history, but not that much that you fall asleep, this is a very good way to get more knowledge about the city. I will show some pictures of places we crossed during the walking tour.

Which places do you wanna visit?






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