4 Fashion mistakes I made in high school

I didn’t always like fashion that much. When I was a little child, I hated shopping. The only thing I wanted to do was playing soccer and wearing sport clothes. When I tell that to people now, they have to laugh. I love shopping now. But of course, I made a lot of mistakes in fashion. Especially in high school. A while ago, I was looking at pics of when I was around 14. What cruel mistakes did I made? Here are 5 examples of it.

Colorblocking to the max

Of course, it can be really cool to combine colors on a good way. But when I was in high school, I did this really diligent. I wore a neon pink skirt, an orange shirt and a red coat. It looked like I was really happy, which is also important, but I also looked like the I was the rainbow that the sun and the rain just made.

Really enthousiastic with the same color combinations

You remember the period of the Adidas jacket? I do. I was guilty. I had this pink Adidas jacket, which can be really cool. I still like to combine sportive looks with looks to wear on a daily basis. But during high school, I also had this shirt with pink letters that I wore with it. It was even better when I also had more pink that matched the outfit. Or the time that I had purple shoes, but also this purple jacket. As I remember, I only wore the shoes when I had this purple jacket on.

The wrong length of trousers

I grew a lot when I was around 14. But because I had long, but also skinny legs, it was so hard to find good trousers. I eat a lot of McDonalds (still doing that), but it was still hard to find good pants. So a lot of pants that I wore, where just too short. Of course you can do cool things with shorter pants, but I didn’t had ideas for it back then. So my pants where just looking too short, which was really annoying. Fortunately, it’s really easy to find good jeans now. Loving the life after puberty.

Buying clothes without thinking about the outfit

When I was shopping, I  just bought a nice green shirt with purple letters. I didn’t  think about what I was going to wear with it. This ensured the worst combinations of clothes: an oversized shirt with an oversized pants for example, which made me look, you guess: oversized. Nowadays I look for a lot of inspiration online, and therefore I have ideas of how I want to combine things when I buy things. When I don’t think about it, I just have this vision of me in a really bad combination in front of me, and I think about it again.

What was your worst fashion mistake?




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