Fashion documentary: Sneakerheadz

I really, really love Netflix. Just watching your favorite series while eating some stuff and drinking some tea. Just not thinking about the things you have to do, but the things you want to. Of course,  I also always look for documentaries or series that have to do with fashion.

This time, I watched Sneakerheadz. At first, it doesn’t really seemed like a documentary that had a lot to tell.Just seeing the most unique sneakers and people talking about it. But at the end it was completely different. The information that every year, around 1000 people die from sneakers was really shocking for me. I had to think when I heard this. Just the fact that people can go so far for a sneaker. Of course, I love fashion but this goes way, way to far. Standing in a line for a sneaker for 4 days is also extreme, but if people got happy from this its understandable. Just camping with some people in front of the store to get the love of your life. It’s maybe the same as people traveling all the world to see their love. For fashion lovers, the sneaker is their love. They want to fight for it. But if this happens literally, it’s really sad.

But I would recommend to watch it. There is also more interesting stuff: the big brands as Gucci didn’t had sneakers at first. They started with it when the sneakerworld was getting really popular. When you see the runway now, you see that models also wear sneakers sometimes. It’s not just for the hip hop underground scene anymore, but also for the high fashion industry. By myself, I love sneakers and to be honest I prefer to wear them above high heels. I’m guilty. But I’m not a sneakerhead though, I can control myself ( so far, maybe I’m the same later).


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