In love with Russia, Bbq weather and no darkness in Oulu

My erasmus period is almost at the end, and that means: enjoying to the fullest the time that is left! We started this on a good way with going to Russia. After a lot of problems with the Visa and the organisations, we finally went to St Petersburg!

We started our journey from Oulu to Helsink in our beloved ommibus for  8 hours. Sleeping in the bus is not really my thing. I tried, but instead I ended up with eating my chips already in the morning because I was bored and food is the best medicin for this. In Helsinki, the cruise for going to St Petersburg was waiting for us. We had a warm welcome because of the security. When a friend asked if it’s a problem that her water bottle was in the suitcase, he shouted: GO IN!!! WALKK! NOW! We heard it from people, and it was true: Russian people are in general not the most friendly people. But of course, we didn’t let that ruin our trip. It was also quite funny to see how people can be. We were just laughing about it.

After a night of sleeping at the cruise, we arrived to St Petersburg. At the harbour, the Russian girls from the organisation were waiting on us. Fortunately, they were really nice. No shouting and no eyes on you like they want you to die ( some people in the city were like this). We stayed in a really cosy hostel near by the city centre. We were with around 16 people in total, but I went on the trip with two from French, two from the Netherlands and a Spanish friend. It was so warm this day, that I almost thought it was Spain. After having a long walk through the beautiful city, I realised that it was not Spain. I put al my clothes off in the hostel because I thought it was so hot. I regretted it when we were at our really nice boat trip. We did a boat trip through the city of St Petersburg. From the boat,we had the perfect view on the beautiful architecture of St Petersburg. It’s so special. Everywhere where you look, you see architecture. It’s not just build to build. It’s building something to make art. With inspiration from different countries and therefore also different styles.

At the evening, we ate at a nice play were we drunk some beers (waaay cheaper than in FInland) and ate a little bit of food ( literally: I ordered the grand salad but ended up with a portion that was maybe meant for a baby, or I just eat like the portions of a boy maybe). Butttt they could speak English here! That was not the case everywhere. When Sio was ordering her vegetarian burger at the McDonalds, the girl thought that she wanted a chicken burger. After 3 times of trying to explain, she was getting a colleague. Of course, we were happy. Now Sio could finally order her vegetarian burger. After hopefull ordering at the colleague, his conclusion was: ”SO YOU WANT A CHICKENBURGER?” Afterwards, she just had some fries. We laughed so hard about this.

Of course, we didn’t only went to Mc Donalds. We ate in some cosy Russian places where we ate typical russian food. We had Russian pancakes, pie, salad and more. The last day, we ate at a typical Soviet restaurant. It was so cool. The whole interior was Soviet. Even in the toilet, you felt like you were in the Soviet Union. For some reason, I always end up with talking about the food but of course there was more. I really felt in love with the city. The architecture is so perfect. We went into some churches and a palace. The most beautiful one for me was the church of the savior on blood. When I looked at it, it felt like I was in Disneyland. It looked like there was candy on it. We saw so many nice things in Russia. Botanical gardens, a palace, we did a limotrip (felt like Rihanna for some minutes, until I had to pee so bad), the partylife (we heard later that every month there was somebody killed in that street), the most beautiful metrostations and so much material to photograph (I made 835 pictures oepss).

After Russia, it was already time to say goodbye to some people. Of course, we went out to enjoy the last days in Oulu. We also did barbecues, had the best rooftop partys, ate at a nice burgerplace where we also ate at the beginning and had some funny talks. Btw it’s so weird. It didn’t get dark anymore in Oulu. When we went out, it was light. And when we came back, it was also light. When we were sitting outside to chill and we looked at the time, it was just 2 p.m. already. You really had no idea how late it was, because it’s was light all the time.

At the 1 of June, it was already my turn to go home. Honestly, I wanted to stay longer in Oulu with all the nice people I have met. I think this text which I posted on Facebook describes my Erasmus period good:

”Half a year ago, I made the best decision of my life: studying in Oulu (first I thought I was crazy). It begun with frozen eyelashes in -32, but fast it was getting warm because of all the beautiful people I was surrounded with. I met people from all over the world who made my erasmus a big party. We experienced so many cool things. Awesome partys on a cruiseship, many partys in the one and only Tivoli (I never wanted to go home, sorry for that) and of course the basementpartys. I did trips to Russia, Lapland, Helsinki and Stockholm and did so many things from my bucketlist. I saw the northern lights, survived extreme colds, stood on a frozen sea, went to the Ikea in Sweden (the best one of course), climbed Ouluhalli (I was a baby though), did huskysledging, went to sauna way to much, eat at almost all the burgerplaces in Oulu (still hate Hesburger), found a dutch actor in Oulu (Flip) and many more things.

We all lived in Valkylla (Galicia), that still looks like a prison (still didn’t make the Patricia horrormovie) but was perfect because everyone lived at the same place. Watching movies in the most ugly pyjamas, eat way to much food, brunches (but vegan, glutenfree, no nuts, carrots, soja and vegetarian) and laughing so hard that whole Valkylla could hear it (Anya you were the pro in this).

It’s good but so weird to be home because I am gonna miss you all so much. But it’s not a goodbye. It’s a SIO later. Toedels, Houdoe, Adios xxxx now I’m finally gonna eat frikadellen.”

Currently, I am back in the Netherlands and it feels so weird. When I arrived at Schiphol, I saw a lot of tall people ( the stereotype about tall Dutch people is definitely true), it was really hot (normally I go on a summer holiday to get the warm feeling, now I just went back home to feel it), I finally saw my sweet family again and a friend that picked me up and of course I ate the frikadel. It’s feels really good to see my friends and family again, but I also really miss Erasmus. I had the best time and will never forget it.





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