Trip to Helsinki, Easter and family visiting Oulu!

The last time I was writing a post, I was just back from the baltic sea trip, where we also went to Helsinki. This time, it was again time for Helsinki. For interviews. We got the opportunity from school to drive to Helsinki by car and to sleep at a really cute airbnb, where they even had easter eggs for us!

After a 7 hour ride to Helsinki, falling in love with the airbnb and resting a bit, it was time for the first interview. We make a project about comic artists and photographers, so we also interviewed them. It was so nice! For example, we interviewed Stefan Bremer. He is a really famous photographer in Finland. He showed us his studio and we made a video of him. In total, we interviewed 5 people here, were we all are going to make videos from. I’m only in Finland for 4 more weeks (WTF? It goes so fast), but I learned so much here about filming. I really can use it when I am home.

We saw a lot of talented people in Helsinki. We were together with 2 spanish boys and 3 dutch girls. It was a good combination of funny and weird people who have a very bad taste in jokes ( I like it). It was the same group as we want to Lapland with. We made word jokes, eat good food (burgers for example) and did funny games in the car. Such as making a story. Everyone has to say a piece of a sentence. The stories that come out of this game are really weird and funny.

When I was back again in Oulu, it was time for more fun stuff. That means food. Together with some girls and Merijn, we had the plan to make an easter brunch. Easy, you will think. But it was completely the opposite. We were with 2 vegans, 2 vegetarians, a girl that is allergic for so much and a girl who cannot eat gluten. Together with a spanish girl, we were the only one that could eat anything. After thinking really hard, I made wraps with hummus, paprika, tomato, cucumbre and lettuce. We had so much food, that my belly was full until the evening. After that, we just did round 2. I miss a lot of nice things in this blogpost that I did, because it’s a long time ago that I wrote. But when I want to tell everything, I can write a whole bible. For example I went out a lot of times, had nice evenings of watching movies, laughing and doing crazy stuff.

At the end of April, it was time for a really nice moment. My family visited Oulu! In the evening, I finally got a message from my mom, dad and little sister that they arrived. I immediately went to the door of my dormitory, where I saw them. My little sister was hugging me so hard. It was really cute to see how much she missed me. I went with them to their apartment, which was soooo beautiful. It had sauna, a big balcony and a nice interior. And important: A COUCH. I don’t have a couch in my room, so I was so happy to have one. The good thing is that the apartment was for four people, so I also could join them.


The next day, it was time for I think the most special day I had here with my parents. We drove to Lapland, were we did huskisledging. I already did this before in Lapland, so I really wanted to show it to my parents to. When we came at the farm, we were surrounded by like 50 dogs that were barking at the same time. 10 dogs were the lucky ones that went with us on the huskisledge. My sister and I were the first ones that went. The dogs were so energetically, so they run really hard. It was the best. After that, we hugged a lot with the dogs. The woman from the farm knew a lot about them, so she could tell us a lot. I was really happy that my parents and Fenna could do the huskisledge, but I was also happy that they got the change to see loads of snow. Oulu is almost completely melted now (yes, already). But Lapland was still full of snow. We even got the opportunity to walk at a frozen lake. In May.

We also went to a technology museum, to Sweden, to Oulu of course, to the beach, to nice places to eat and to shops (were I got such nice clothes). It was a fun time, in which I could show my parents and little sister the place I am living in right now. We also talked so much. You speak eachother on Skype, but it’s different to talk with them in real life. They also noticed things that I notice here. My little sister asked why a lot of Finnish men have a big beard and a knot in their hair here. After being here for 4 months, I still don’t know this answer.

There was also a bad moment. My dear friend Lana from Kenya left Oulu. Some people are finished earlier with classes than we are, so people are already leaving now. I hate saying goodbye to people, but fortunately, it was a see you later: she is coming to visit the Netherlands! It’s so weird. I am already in my last month of my erasmus. To be honest, I don’t really feel like going home yet. I met so many nice people and did really special stuff. It’s like a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. For now, I will enjoy this last weeks to the fullest. Which starts really good: next week, I am going to Russiaaaa! We are going to St Petersburg with some people. I look forward to this trip, and I will let you know how it was. For now, I will put on my bikini and go outside because it’s 11 degrees here today!


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