OUTFIT POST: Laced and denim in the melting Oulu

The snow is melting here in Oulu, but my love for fashion is not melted of course. Although Oulu is not really a city for fashion, I still kept myself up to date. After a long period of wearing big jackets and snowboots, I will start with my outfit posts again!

For a long time, I was looking for the perfect laced shirt. It’s so nice to combine. When I come back to the Netherlands in 4 weeks (Omg time goes way to fast), it’s summer for me there. A bohemian laced shirt is easy to combine on different kind of ways. With a classy look for example, or way different on an urban way.

When I was shopping with my parents and little sister this week in Oulu, who are visiting me here, I found the perfect fit in Bikbok. Of course, I could not resist to combine it with my denim jacket. Black is really my color, yes I call it a color, because it’s so nice and strong to combine. Back to the shirt miracle: there are not that many shops in Oulu. When people have new clothes here, it’s almost always from H&M. But Bikbok is a shop where they really have my kind of style. I like it! I bought more than only this, so keep following for more looks.


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