#4 International Uniqueness: Minzy Kim from South Korea

We are all human beings, but we all look different. Every culture has his own beauty. I want to show this beauty by my photography project: International Uniqueness. In this project, I’m going to photograph people from different cultures. I do this during my erasmus study in Finland. The people who are going to be photographed, all have their own stories about their country. This project is going to be made in Oulu, Finland.

This time it’s Minzy Kim, from South Korea.

 ”‘What I miss the most about Korea, is the mood. It´s hard to express but when I look out of the window in Korea, I see so much life. Big buildings, people on the streets and cars everywhere. It really feels like home. I live in Seoul, and the city is always alive. People live in the days, but also in the evenings. The city never sleeps. In Oulu in Finland, it can be so quite. In Seoul, you always see lights. It can look like the sun never goes down.

But Korea is more in a rush, crowded and in a lot of stress. People are way more relax in Finland. For example, it’s really beautiful to see in Europe and Finland that cars always stop for me. I was really surprised by that. I’m not used to that cars stop for me. When a car stopped, I thought: why is he stopping? It’s a beautiful thing that I see in whole Europe. That’s the same with holding doors. People in Europe always hold the door for you. In the supermarket for example. In Korea, people are not doing this always because they are so in a rush.

The first thing that I will do when I’m back in Seoul, is sleeping. In my own bed! But I also will immediately eat a lot of Korean food. I wrote down a memo of the things I will eat when I am back in Korea. I also will go to the spa with my mom! Sauna and spa is really in the culture of Korea. You can enjoy the peace and rest there that you don’t find in the crowded city.”

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