Stockholm, Helsinki, a cruise and my dream jacket

I’m walking with a suitcase on one hand and a lot of energy on the other hand to the bus. This was not really what I wanted, because I wanted to be tired while being in the 8 hours long ride to HELSINKII! Of course, I could not sleep in the bus and after trying 100 other positions, I slept for 1 hour while we arrived in Helsinki.

I was immediately happy when I saw a city in front of me without snow. In Helsinki, the temperature is a lot higher than in Oulu. It was like 8 degrees, which is really hot when you are used to temperatures like -10. I was even more happy when we arrived to the hotel. I slept in the best bed ever in these 3 months that I’m abroad. After a powernap, we went to the city for sightseeing. I love Helsinki! It’s not the most impressive city I have ever seen, but it was really Finnish and that made it beautiful for me. You saw a lot of Russian things in the city also. For example, we went to a Russian church. It was nice to see the city. What was also nice, was that I found my dream. The day before leaving, I was looking for clothes on Zara. I saw a really nice leather jacket, but decided not to buy it. In Helsinki, I walked into the Zara and while walking, I saw the jacket in front of me. In my size, in sale and just as beautiful as on the site. Of course I bought it. I will show you a picture later in another blogpost!

In the evening, we went to a techno party. Finally! I was so happy to hear the good music that was coming out of the speakers in the techno darkroom. We were surrounded by Finnish people who were dancing on the beat. I was literally surrounded, because the room was quite small. With one Finnish hand in front of my face and another knee on my belly, I still enjoyed the good music.

The day after, it was time for the Baltic sea trip, which means two days of partying on a cruise ship while cruising from Helsinki to Stockholm. When we arrived on the cruise, I was immediately in love. There were shops, a big club, a casino, a spa and a lot more. When we arrived in our room, we found out that one bed was stuck. Like ten minutes later, we already had an upgraded room with a window. A spying window, because we could see everyone on the boat with it. Also, everyone could see us, so clothing the curtains while taking a shower was not a bad thought. You know that I love food, so I was already excited for weeks for the buffet that we got on the first day. It was all you can eat, which means eating until you’re belly feels like a balloon that has to be pricked. The food was so good. I ate a lot of salad, fish, cakes, wine (it was also open bar) and more. I’m going to make a video about the trip later, where you can see the food that I filmed with a Gopro.

After food, it was time for the party! I was really in the mood to dress up, so I went out with my lovely black dress that I bought in Oulu. It was a really funny evening. We started drinking with the girls, and after that we danced. A lot. Really a lot. Dancing on a boat feels like you are drunk already while you are not even drunk. While you’re drunk and you are on a boat, it feels like double drunk. It was a really nice evening.

In the morning, it was already time to go to Stockholm. I was really tired, but that vanished away because of my excitement of the city. It was 17 degrees! It felt like summer holidays, because I turned into an eskimo during my stay in Finland. The city is so beautiful. I would really recommend to go there. Helsinki is nice, but Stockholm is more beautiful. It’s more an old, colourful city. The pictures will say enough.


We went to some shops, did some sightseeing and of course I made a lot of pictures. When I’m someone where it is really beautiful, I’m kind of obsessed with taking pictures. I just enjoy it even more when I have pictures. After eating pizza in a really nice place (with the best interior, the interior of restaurants in Scandinavia is sooo good) we went back to the boat. Preparing for our third evening of partying. Alcohol was a lot cheaper on the boat than in Oulu, so that was really nice. We danced a lot again. It was so nice to be there with so many people that you know. We had a lot of funny moments, that are to detailed to all describe into the blog. At a certain moment, somebody was saying: THERE IS NORTHERN LIGHT! Of course, we ran to the deck and I can say that I can get another thing of my bucketlist: I saw the northern lights on a cruise ship! Is was a really special experience. After the northern lights, we finished our dance until 5 in the morning. We also danced randomly near a guy with a trumpet. He was just there for people who were eating, but we were dancing in front of him. He really enjoyed it, just as us. I loved the trip. So many nice people, nice cities and nice parties. I was going back to Helsinki with a bag full of new experiences.

We were in the morning in Helsinki, but had the bus in the evening at 12. I was so tired. But in the morning, we started really well. We ate risotto at a really nice restaurant. There was a salad bar with among other things the best olives, tomatoes and cucumbers. It was a long wait after that, because I was really tired. I felt a bit like a homeless girl in the evening, so I was really happy when I went into the bus at 12. I slept! The whole trip. In the morning, we arrived in Oulu. It was really cold when I went out the bus. It’s just like going back to The Netherlands after summer holidays. I slept until four in the midday and enjoyed my own bed again.

The next day, we were sitting at a room in Valkylla with a lot of people. It was really funny and at 12 it was even better: it was Anya her birthday! I sang for her like a hundred times happy birthday, also in Dutch. The day after, we made dinner for Anya. Char and Sio distracted her, so that Mich, Lana and I could prepare the food. We made wraps, bruchetta, cakes and a lot of vegetables. I loved it! It was so cosy and Anya was really happy. In the evening, we went to the basement to chill a bit. I didn’t stay that long, because in the morning it was time for other fun stuff: we went lazergaming! It was really nice. With around 25 people, we were shooting on eachother with lazerguns. I was really into the game. I wanted to shoot everybody with my gun and was running around the hall. Just as everyone. Everyone was really competitive, which we also saw later after the game: everyone was full of sweat. But it was worth it! I had a really nice time again. At the moment, I’m really busy with school. So I also have to work a lot on that. But of course, I will keep you up to date.



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