#3 International Uniqueness: Anya Ysabella from England

We are all human beings, but we all look different. Every culture has his own beauty. I want to show this beauty by my photography project: International Uniqueness. In this project, I’m going to photograph people from different cultures. I do this during my erasmus study in Finland. The people who are going to be photographed, all have their own stories about their country. This project is going to be made in Oulu, Finland.

This time it’s Anya Ysabella, from England.

‘’When I began with studying abroad, I found so many decent people. People in England are often quite narrow with their views. Every day, I hear people complaining about gays or racism. I don’t experience this during my study abroad in Finland. The amount of love here is so overwhelming, I was not used to it in the beginning. I think it is like that because a lot of English people are just thinking about England. They don’t speak other languages and just focus on their own. But you have to be open to the fact that everyone is different, and that is what I experience here in Finland. In England, they expect you to follow the same social norms as the other English people. But here, everyone has their own habits and people respect that. Just no judgement. That is why at the beginning, I was quite afraid to go back to England. But of course I also miss the English behaviour. It’s my home, it’s where I come from.’’

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