Lapland documentary, Norway and a special Mc Donalds

If you’re bored from my endless snow pictures, there is good news for you: the snow is melting! It is like walking on an ice skating park the whole day. It’s so slippery (of course I felt straight on my butt). And it doesn’t look really beautiful. Just like there is some shit on the snow. But nevermind, I still enjoy Finland!

Sooo as I mentioned in my last post, I went to Lapland to make a documentary together with two spanish guys and two dutch girls. We used a 360 degrees camera and there was even a drone! We could use the car from school to drive the road of 8 hours to Inari: far in the north of Lapland. With a car fully packed with materials as lights, a big microphone and cameras, we started our journey. Everybody could drive, except me, because I don’t have my license yet, sooo I had to honor to be the sleeping girl during the ride.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep because I had a lot of energy and I wanted to see the nature. And because I was already thinking about the lovely baguette I made in the morning that I wanted to leave for later. Three hours later, we arrived to our first interview on the way with the famous sami photographer Veikko Aitamurto. It was a really special experience. People in the Netherlands are most of the time very busy, so you have to be really happy when you could have half an hour of their time to film them. When we arrived at his house, there was a big lunch that they made for us with even pancakes and eggs. We felt really welcome. The interview went well, and we even got a signed book from the photographer.

Our 5 hour drive went further, and in the evening we arrived to our camping. Yes, you read it right, a camping in Lapland. We had to walk to the toilet and the kitchen and we slept on like 15 m2 with 5 people, but it was so funny. During the trip, we had around 10 interviews with people that had to do with Sami. Here is more information about Samis if you have the time, it’s quite complicated.

The 4th day, we drove a 4 hour ride to Norway! On the way, you saw the mountains coming. The mountains that lead us to Karasjok in Norway, where we would park our car. But of course, it should happen one time this trip: our car got stuck in the snow. So there we were, pushing the car with four people without any movement. Fortunately, a norwegian guy was there to help us. He was so kind. He was just casually walking with his chihuahua, but he decided to get his own car for us to get us out. After this adventure, we went to our first interview at the sami parlement. After that, we had 4 more interviews. Even with a dutch silversmid, who lived in Norway.

The last day, we packed our stuff and we leave the camping to go to our final destination. THE MC DONALDS! I can say that I’ve been to the most northern Mc Donalds of the whole world. Can it even be better?

On thursday after the trip, we decided to go out. Because it was so slippery, it was a big challenge to come at the centre without falling. I was so happy that I didn’t fell on the way to Tivoli, but of course, I felt on the way back. I had to laugh really hard: this was actually my first time falling here I think. Without counting skiing of course.

We also ‘went out’ on saturday. Or, that was what we wanted to do. When we arrived to the city, it was so busy. At every club, there was a big line. Normally, this is not that bad. You just wait with a drink. It’s a bit different in Finland, where you are a snowman before you are even in the club. So instead of being a snowman, we decided to eat at the Subway. I really enjoyed my sandwich, and for some reason, we came back at 5 in the morning. After a short night of sleep, I woke up for a really good thing: food! With some people, we made a big brunch. Everyone made a dish, so at the end we had a table full of a lot of food. Someone even made sushi! I was so full and satisfied, when we were going to the cinema later. The film Beauty and the Beast was showed there. I realy enjoyed the movie and having a good chair to sit in (I only have a chair from wood in my room).

Enough about this weeks: I GO ON ANOTHER TRIP. On friday, we start our journey to Helsinki. We stay a day there and then we go with a partyboat to Stockholm. I hope I can shop good in Helsinki and Stockholm and make a great party on the boat!


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