Finland update: friend visiting, carnaval and a magical frozen sea

After I went back from Lapland, it was time for something fun again: my good friend Jeffrey came to visit me. He voluntary went to the cold Finland. Good for him, it was only -7 degrees, which is like summer for us. But it became better: when he arrived, he showed me that he brought my favorite chips: sweet chili from Lays. I missed them so much! Just as frikadellen, which you can get in all the snackbars in Holland. He also brought a whole liter of vodka, which I can use very good here of course.

The first day, we showed him, and the friend of Sio who was visiting, the food of our school restaurant, which is most of the time good and cheap. For 0.91 cents, you get a whole meal. At least something that is cheap here, so that’s very positive! At 12, we are always eating a big meal already. We had to get used to this at the beginning. But now, at half past 11, we already look for what’s on the menu. I love food, so I can get very happy of this.

Of course, there is more than food in Finland. So after school, we walked a very beautiful road I never saw before. A lot of ‘Pippi Langkous’ kind of houses were standing next to eachother. They all had different colors, which made it so cosy. Together with the snow, it was like a winter wonderland. The winter wonderland brought us to the city, where we went shopping. More important: we went shopping for carnaval, which we want to introduce to the internationals. So we made an event in the basement and therefore everybody had to dress up. I was a princess. I think this is my first carnaval in years where I didn’t wear something similar as a pyjama. The party was so much fun! There were a lot of people and everybody was dancing. Even the Koreans, who were so happy when Gangnamstyle was played.

I woke up with a hangover that let me wanted to stay in bed for the whole day, but I was strong and went to the city to shop and to eat at McDonalds. When Jeffrey and I are in Holland, we always eat fries. Just always, for some reason. So of course, we had to keep the traditional and we also had to eat fries in Finland. In the evening, I decided to go to bed early, because we also wanted to do more fun stuff.

For example, we went to the frozen sea to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, the sky was filled with a lot of clouds. After that, we went eating in a really nice restaurant. After Jeffrey and Sio her friend Dylan were gone, our holiday almost began. So we went out and made a great party. The rest of the week, I decided that I just wanted to chill a bit in Oulu. Monday, Lana Anya and I decided to do a beach day. When you think of a beach day, you think about sun, bikinis and palm trees. A beach day in Finland is a bit different: wearing clothes like an eskimo, while hoping your not becoming a snowman. It was so beautiful this day! Let the pictures speak for itself.

The day after, Lana and I decided to do something sportive. With a lot of enthousiasm and fanatism, we went to the student office to get some cross country skis. This means: not skiing down a hill and going hard without doing anything, but working really hard. It is just skiiing through the country. There is a special way to do it near our campus, so we started there. I felt like someone with just really big feet. After a while and a lot of sweat, we became better (but still really amateur). Later, we decided to go to a park to make some pictures and to enjoy the sunny day.

I had a lot of time to rest, so I’m completely ready for my next adventure: tomorrow, we go to Lapland to make a documentary about the Sami people. We picked up the cameras and the car from school today. Yes, the school actually has a car that we can use. The cameras are so big and great. They have a lot of good stuff here where we can work with. For example, we are going to make virtual reality. Therefore, the school bought us a 360 camera. At my home university, I’m happy if they even have a camera that I can use. Here, you have a lot of cameras with a lot of different lenses. It’s like heaven when you love filming and photographing, just like me.

Tomorrow is the day: we have to wake up really early and sit in the car for 8 hours to Inari. We’re going to stay at a camping there, so I hope I’m able to write a post after this. Lapland, here I come again.



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