#2 International Uniqueness: Lana Flowers from Kenya

We are all human beings, but we all look different. Every culture has his own beauty. I want to show this beauty by my photography project: International Uniqueness. In this project, I’m going to photograph people from different cultures. I do this during my erasmus study in Finland. The people who are going to be photographed, all have their own stories about their country. This project is going to be made in Oulu, Finland.

This time it’s Lana Flowers, from Kenya.


‘’I love to travel and live in different places. I studied in The Netherlands and I am currently studying in Finland. It’s so different from Kenya. What I experienced of living abroad in Europe, is that you have schedules for everything. When I was waiting on the train one time, I was looking at people who are complaining because the train was 5 minutes to late. We don’t have bus (matatu) times in Kenya; You just wait until the bus shows up. You  learn to have patience and to not take basic things for granted. When I studied in The Netherlands, I recognized that many things are managed very well. I often found myself complaining about waiting in a line, which is something I have to let go and not get bothered about in Kenya, because it is just part of daily life. Another difference is whenever I walk on the beach in Kenya, it is not uncommon to say hello to other people you see on your way. When I do this in other countries, people are staring. Kenya is the place of fruits, sunshine and being in touch with nature. Of course there is a dangerous side, but people also have to see the good side. ‘’

lana-1-goede lana-2

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