The northern lights and huskis in magical Lapland + VIDEO

The last time I wrote a post is almost two weeks ago, sooo time for an update! Oulu is so good for me. Everything is getting more normal now. Going to school, going out  and enjoying the beautiful country. The second week of February was so much fun. We went sporting and tried to relax a bit because the weekend was going to be very busy. It was Charlotte her birthday!

The weekend was so good. As a present, Siobian and I made a video for her where all here friends and family send happy birthday to her. She was so emotional when she saw it, that she had to cry a lot. Maybe the alcohol also played a part in that. After a party in the basement, we went to the city to party further there. It was really funny. With a little (understatement) hangover we ate burgers the next day at Friends and Burgers. At the evening, we just chilled with some people. Buttttt the best part of February: we went on a trip to Lapland! Because Oulu was not cold enough for us anymore, we wanted to go more to the north. The trip was a trip full of bucketlist stuff.

We went into the bus with a lot of stuff. With a ski on my right arm and a heavy suitcase at my left, I was feeling like I did more workouts than in my whole period in Oulu (which is not really difficult to be honest). The first stop was Rovaniemi, where we saw the real Santa Claus! It was so touristic, that you had to pay 40 euros for a picture with him. Of course, we didn’t pay it and we just met him. He knew a lot of Dutch words. He even knew PSV. But he has to know it, because he is Santa Claus. Santa Claus knows everything. We cried a lot that we didn’t had a picture with him, so I made a really bad photoshop art to stop the tears.


After hours of driving through the beautiful nature of Lapland, we arrived at the cottages. I was immediately in love. We were surrounded by blue houses that looked like houses from Pippi Langkous. The cottages were standing together like a small village. Even smaller than Oostelbeers! The roofs were filled with meters of snow. Inside, you didn’t feel anything of the cold. There was even a sauna in the cottage we lived in!


The first day, we went to a huskifarm. When we arrived, we heard the 75 huskis barking really loud. It felt kind of sad, because we didn’t know why they did that. Fortunately, it was not that bad. We had a good talk with the owner and we heard that there was a kennel where the energetic dogs could enjoy. At the farm, I could tick my first thing of my bucketlist. I did huskisledging! We were placed on the sledge from big to small. In peace I was getting my camera, while the huskis started running very fast. While we were freezing on the sledge with -17, the huskis kept themselves cold by biting in the snow.



At the evening, I could tick another thing of my bucketlist. With a lot of international students, we were standing on a frozen sea. ”Watch out, not to many people at one place!” did we heard all the time. All the people at the sea where looking in front of them. When I did the same, I forget my frozen feet in -20. I was surrounded by a magical green sky that floated through the sky. It was even better when all the stars were there together with the green sky. We saw the northern lights twice this trip. It felt so great! Better than the times we where freezing outside looking at pollution hoping it was the beginning of the northern lights. I was so happy that I didn’t fall into the frozen sea. I also was happy that I didn’t break my leg the day after.


We went skiing. With my only experience the ski camp of my high school, it was quite a challenge to try a difficult red slope. I’m very clumsy, so of course I felt a lot of times. I made a lot of head rolls. At the end, I was laying in the snow with my skis in the air. After some minutes, I thought: maybe I need some help. Fortunately, the sweet bus driver was with us. He saved my life. The last thing I said to him was: ”Thanks for saving my life”.

That was not the only good thing the bus driver did. At the last they, we did a really random thing. We went to the Ikea in Sweden. And of course, I also ticked this of my bucketlist. Who things of Sweden, things of the Ikea. And of the nice hotdogs that they have. I was happy like a little child. We ate hotdogs and lay on the beds afterwards. About two weeks, I’m going on a trip again. We are going to make a documentary about the Sami People in Lapland, who live in a very traditional way. Unfortunately, I’m not going to the Ikea then. But what we want to do, is going to Norway also at that trip!


This week, a good friend is visiting me here in Oulu! I’m going to show him all the good things here in Oulu if he is not going to freeze. There is more good news: he also brings my favorite crisps!!! Sweet chili of course. That’s maybe the best thing of all the things I experienced in this weeks.

You wanna see my video of Lapland? Wait no longer!


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