Sledging and cycling through my Erasmus experience

I wake up with a little hangover on a sunday morning when I realise that it is already February! The time went so fast. But that´s a good thing of course: that means I have a lot of fun. I did a lot of great stuff. Sledging, going out, cycling, but also: going to the University!

At the University, we have a very great project. At the beginning it was a bit vague, but it is really clear now. We’re going to digitalize the artworks from the University. The University has like 300 artworks. Those are photographs, but also comics. We are going to digitalize this by different kind of projects. For example, we use a greenscreen. We are making a video where Charlotte is dancing from one picture into the other picture. I made the pianomusic for it. It is so fun that you can really do what you love here. They let you free in developing the things you want to develop. You have a lot of space to be just really creative and that is something I miss at my home university.

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And more exciting news: I’m going to Lapland twice! I’m going on a trip next week where I’m going to ski, riding on huskisledges, riding snowscooters  and more fun stuff. But there is more! We also go to Lapland with our school project. We’re going to make a documentary of a Sami Village, where people live on a very traditional way. We use this for our project, because a lot of photographs are made from Sami people.

Next to the project, my course animation also has started. It’s so cool! Just drawing and making a video. And yes, that means drawing the same character like 100 times because you need 25 drawings for 1 second. But it’s really nice to learn. Besides school we also did a lot of great stuff. We went out a couple of times and had our first good wine. We drink a lot of beer here, but we didn’t find a good wine yet. Later in the city, we found a cosy place with great music and more important: wine! We were happy like little childs. Except the alcohol part of course. That’s not for children.

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When we go out, we always go pre-drinking. In the building where all the international students live, there is a partyroom in the basement. It’s really good to sit there with a lot of people and just having fun. After that, you can also go to the city centre. This means going to the centre with gloves and a hat on. Very good for your hair of course. Buttt I got used to it. Just like I get used to being in Oulu. It really feels like home here. I play soccer, I party, I fitness, I fall everyday because I’m clumsy, I eat a lof of crisps and I watch fashionweek. A thing that I don’t do in Holland, is sledging. We did it in Oulu and it was so fun.


The night started in a pancake restaurant. Two pancakes where laying in front of Charlotte and me. We were so smart to pick two pancakes and to share them: a sweet one and a saulty one. They where so good! We went eating there because a girl who had her internship here was leaving. They told us that we could see the northern lights that evening. So with a lot of food in my belly we went outside to see the beautiful sky. Of course as unlucky as I am, I missed it. But it was there! Next time I will just lay outside all day until the northern lights show up. Plan B was going sledging. There is a really great hill near the building where we live. So at midnight we went outside with sledges and very thick clothes. I thought I was going to break a leg at that moment, but it didn’t happen (I was very proud of course). We were going down so fast that we went up to the next hill.


How casual would it be to go with the sledge to school and the city? Really casual. But that costs a lot of time, which is why I bought a bike! I had to of course, because I’m Dutch. I have to represent my country. I will come up with more stories really fast because great weeks are coming. Next week, we go to Lapland. And the week after that, a good friend comes over. I’m going to show him all the good things of Oulu!



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