OUTFIT POST: stripes and double denim

I love fashion. When I went to Finland for my minor abroad, I knew that I had to wear a lot of warm clothes to be alive. I had days were it was like -30 degrees. When you wear clothes then, you are just like an eskimo. Butt there are also days when it’s just 1 degrees. Soo I put my love denim out of my wardrobe and put it on. 

It’s just minimalistic, but I love the minimal combination of denim with denim. I also have an obsession with stripes. The last months, I bought so much stripes! Stripes make a simple outfit better. I bought the shirt at Brandy Melville, which is such a great store. The materials are so soft, that it feels like you’re putting on your pyjamas. I can get used to that!

And not to forget: Timberlands! For Oulu, I wanted to have shoes that look good, but that are also very warm. Timberlands are perfect for that because it’s leather. I’m not the only one who thought that. The whole University is walking on Timberlands. Soo I have to find a way to make them original.

Excited for the outfit? Take a look! And yeah, I was really cold on the pictures. It was -7 degrees. Finland style !


outfitpost-2Credits pictures: CharlottevandenBroeke


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