The party goes on in beautiful Ouloeloeloe

I’m almost a month in Oulu! In that time I went way to much to McDonalds, had a lot of parties, saw huskies and unwinded in the sauna. Ouloeloeloe, your good for me. And McDonalds, you too. Of course.

The first week was like enormously cold. My eyelashes were frozen and I wore a forage cap to survive the cold. Actually I looked like an import eskimo. Buttt this weeks were way less extreme! We had days that the temperature was even like 2 degrees. THAT IS SUMMER RIGHT?  The temperatures rised, just as the parties, that I went to a lot. I did so much fun stuff that I can’t write about everything sooo later on I will write more pieces every week.


Everyday there is something to do. We had the idea to do something with all the cultures. In the basement of the campus, there is a room where you can chill with a lot of people. And so we did! One night we decided to cook the food from your home country. So we went to the supermarket to buy carrots, and of course: potatoes and sausages. Typical dutch we made wortelstamp. When we arrived at the basement, we saw a table that was full of food. Rice, potatoes, cakes, soups: every culture was there and everybody wrote down what they cooked. When the sign WE CAN START was shown, all the people were around the table to eat all the different cultures. My plate was filled with Korea, Spain and Slovakia dishes. Everyone was very proud of their home country and a lot of people said: ”You have to try this from my country!” We from the Netherlands are not very nationalistic , but of course: it was fun to see people eating wortelstamp. There was a big culture difference in eating. When we go eating, we get some stuff on our plate and then we let other people take the food. Other cultures were staying around the table and picked the food with their own fork.



Maybe a surprise for you, I did more than only eating. While looking on Facebook, we saw a Facebook event about huskies and reindeers coming by. It was for little kids, but we are practically little kids too so it was also for us. We went to the city centre and walked half an hour to find the reindeers and huskies. And we found them! Two blue eyes stared at my, while I heard the another huski wagging. With my gloves on I photographed the beautiful huskies. The eyes are even more beautiful than the eyes of Lucky Blue Smith. In the end of february, I’m going on a trip to Lapland where we’re going to a huski farm. So excited for that


On the Lapland trip I’m also going to do sportive things, just as skiing. So better start early with that sportive stuff. After two weeks of saying ‘we definitely should buy the sportpass’, we finally did it. This week, we already went to the fitness. After a weekend of beers, good parties and more beers, it is time to slow it down (we said that before). And to be healthy ( as in eating crisps every evening, but still sporting). Today we went iceskating. With a lot of socks, I fitted in skates from size 40. When we arrived  at the ice, I fell in love. The sky was so beautiful. Everyday the sky is worth photographing. Orange filled with blue and white, just like a fairytale. While looking at the sky, I almost fell on my head. My arms were dangling around my body but I survived!  It’s so nice! When I go ice skating in the Netherlands, there is one person on my left shoulder falling down and a person om my right hand screaming. Here, we had the ice for us alone. Tomorrow I’m finally going to play soccer here! I missed to hit a ball so I look forward to it. I play soccer for like 13 years now so I kinda miss it when I stop doing it. By soccer, you think about green fields. In Oulu, you have white fields. So better to go inside 🙂


In a next post, I will tell you more about the university, sauna and more fun things I have done. One important thing to end this blog with: THE MIRACLE OF PATRICIA.

My roommate Charlotte and I wanted to make our room cosy. Therefore, we bought a pink waterboiler. And what name does pink remind you of? Of course, Patricia. We thought that just a waterboiler was a little simple. So we came up with a better idea: our housewife Patricia with short hair is now alive! When you see a crazy doll hanging on a door in Oulu, you know that it’s our room. With making a bra of an eggbox and making Patricia with the help of a pizzabox, we kinda feel proud. Patricia is going to be our goblet for fastfood. Everytime we are going to eat somewhere, Patricia gets the souvenir. Our beloved Patricia.




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