So my adventure finally has started! Studying half a year at Oulu University in Finland! At monday I went to Schiphol in Amsterdam with my three suitcases. I am like very bad at packing stuff. I want to bring all of my clothes and all of my shoes. I would prefer to bring my whole house in the airplane. I have a hard time with packing for a two weeks vacation, but this time it was for five months. Sooo after sitting on my suitcases it fits and I got in the airplane! Of course, I went into the airplane with five layers of clothes because I wanted to bring as lot as clothes as possible. And of course, I was verified by the security because my head was completely filled with sweat. I got through the security with a skipants and snowboots on.


When we arrived in Oulu, we immediately saw the beautiful snow coming to us. I traveled with two classmates from the same university in Holland: Siobian and Charlotte. When we arrived on the campus, we start sleeping for a lot of hours. In Finland, there are only  3 hours of daylight right now. So when we woke up, it was already pretty dark. BUT: of course we wanted to see the city! It will not come as a surprise to you when I say that we ate at the McDonalds. I absolutely love McDonalds so when I was looking for studying abroad, the term was that there was a McDonalds in the city.

The next day we had our first day at the university. I went outside with like five layers of clothes on because it was -28 degrees that day. In Holland we say it’s cold when it’s like -4. When it’s -4 here, it is like a sauna for the people. So we had our first introduction day. I saw that there where a lot of cultures and I liked that! I want to meet a lot of cultures by studying abroad, that was also a reason why I wanted to study abroad. I was already looking forward to the lunchbreak, because I heard that the food was very good at the university. AND IT WAS. You get a whole plate of food for 2,60 euros!

After lunchbreak, they gave us a guided tour through the campus. We needed that because it’s very big. They also let us see the room with all the cameras. I am going to study audiovisual arts, so I was so happy! The cameras are really big so I think we’re going to learn to make very good stuff with it. Oulu is such a beautiful place. Walking around here is like an art by itselves, so filming would even be better!


We had another campus day on thursday, but we also wanted to do fun stuff at the evening. So at the evening we played cards with people from a lot of cultures. It was so funny, because we were very fanatically. After a too short night of sleep we had the other campus day and at the evening we went to the biljardcafé. I’m so bad at biljard, that my balls were like getting of the table, lucky enough not on someones feet. I’m very clumsy so that kind of shit always happens to me. But I can laugh at that. When you go out it’s always nice to drink beers. The prices for alcohol in Finland are very high. When you want to drink a beer in the club, you pay a minimum of 5 euros. That’s gonna be a challenge, but of course we try to be creative with this. We went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of ‘wine’. We were so happy because the bottle was only 2 euros. ”THIS IS GONNA BE OUR THING”, we said. So at that evening we were drinking the ‘wine’ while playing cards. We didn’t feel drunk but we ate a lot so that was possible. Then Charlotte said: ”Is there really alcohol in this, because the bottle says ‘alkoholifri’?” We were like of cooouurrse we saw it! Five minutes later, we saw that the 5% was something else so it was just apple cider. Sooo we drinked the apple cider and after that we started with our beers.


There’s something to do here every night. I thought that I was gonna watch a lot of Netflix, but I didn’t watched it the whole week. There is so much nice stuff to do! Friday we were free so I said: Today, I’m gonna do nothing. Just making some pictures (of course, we did a lot of nice stuff at the evening also and I didn’t stay home). So I went outside to take pictures of the beautiful nature here. It is sooo good here! I photographed the sunset and the beautiful snow. Earlier at the campus day, I saw almost the most beautiful thing I ever saw. It was -31 degrees so we could walk at the frozen sea. I walked over a sea, just like jezus. It was a beautiful sunset then, so we made a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I hadn’t got my camera then. When you use your camera here, it’s diehard. Your fingers are freezing cold without gloves.


At Saturday we went on a BBQ and saunaday. It’s so cold outside so it’s nice to use the sauna. We met a lot of nice people that day also! We ate a lot of good food and played games inside and outside. Typical coldgames of course: skiing with  a group, throwing snowballs. After the cold games we went to the sauna in bikinis. I looove the sauna because I love the heat ( I hear you think, why the fuck are you going to study in Finland then). We went into the cold with our bikinis to make some nice pictures! It was so much fun, just like the evening when we were chilling with some people with beers.


And today, sunday, is the chilling day. I woke up late, washed my clothes, cleaned my cosy room, Skyped with my family and a friend and took a looong shower. Tomorrow my real first school day starts, so I’m very excited for this week!




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