The most creative excuses to suspend your ‘newyearnewme-intentions’

It’s almost New Years Eve and that means a lot of good intentions. Not ending every night out drunk in the toilet, not smoking while saying it’s really the last one. And of course, everyone is going to the gym in January. Only in January, but that doesn’t matter. They will start their 2017 perfect.

But don’t forget about 2016: some types are writing a text on Facebook like they won an Oscar and they want to thank all the people that helped them with it. And of course all the people that are tagged in it feel obliged to answer on it..

And while some are doing ‘the oscarthanks’, others are so making good intentions for 2017. January is a good month: the gyms are totally full. I work at a sport centre, so I know that everyone is getting their chickenwings of their belly. But February is harder: everyone gets very creative with excuses. Believe me, that includes me :). But what are the most heard excuses?

  • I already pooped today so I’m so refined now. Sporting would be so unnecessarely.
  • This Netflix-serie is just so good like wow. I have to watch one more episode so I have all the time to go sporting in the evening. 20:00 ABORT MISSION I have to see this now!
  • I mean if i want to go on with cleaning my body I really have to eat more crisps so my body keeps refined. I’m doing so good!
  • Sleeping is so good for your body I just read that on Vogue. So I really have to go to bed now! Sporting can wait untill tomorrow right?
  • I only drink one.
  • I’m never going to drink again.
  • Next week, I’m going to eat healthy. It would be such a chaos to start tomorrow I mean you can’t start with something just on a random day. It has to be monday.
  • Treat yourself!
  • I really need this jacket because otherwise I’m going to get a cold and then I will be sick and I can’t go to school then so it’s very necessarely that I buy it now.
  • Yeah sooo 2017 isn’t really my year I start in 2018.

What are your good intentions? Or don’t you have any good intentions? Just like me?


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