Going to the cold Finland

I’m really an adorer of the sun. I love to travel to warm countries in the summer. But this time, I’m going to do something else. About two weeks, I’m going to study half a year in Finland! I move there for my minor audiovisual arts.

I am going to live in Oulu, the middle of Finland. It can be -30 degrees in wintertime, so I already bought a very big jacket and a lot of warm stuff. Gloves, trousers and also very beautiful Timberlands! I hope all the clothes are going to keep me warm. I’m really excited to go there: meeting people from so many different countries, traveling abroad and just doing something else! It is really a challenge to dress up good when it is just very, very cold. But I’m going to do my best for that of course!

Finland is a country where it is not only very cold, but also very good managed. The education is so good there. I’m from Holland myself, so I wonder what are going to be the most big differences between the two countries. There would be a lot of differences, but I already found some similarities: biking! Everyone knows that Holland is really a bike city. When you look at pictures of Amsterdam, you just always see a lot of bikes. It’s often very hard for tourists to cycle through the busy streets of Amsterdam. But believe me, it can be hard for us Dutch people too. Especially in wintertime! So I am excited about how good I can cycle in -30 degrees haha. But I really want to buy a bike there.

Any tips of what to do in Finland? Just let me know!



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