Get your fashioninspiration on the streets!

I love to make streetstylepictures. As you know, I am a big lover of photographing and fashion. I love to combine this things together. When you go on the streets, you find a lot of inspiration by yourself. How do other people combine things? When shopping in a city, don’t only look to the shops and the storefronts. Also look to other people!

While I was walking through the streets of Amsterdam, I found two cute girls that definitely love fashion. They match together with their outfits. They are wearing socks that are definitely perfect for Amsterdam: socks with weed on it. The girls look like sisters: both wearing glasses, both posing the same. The thing I like about them, is that they don’t copy eachother. They reinforce eachother with their matching looks. They go for checkered blouses and trousers. I love this outfits! What do you think of it? Let me know!



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