OUTFIT POST: Loving my oversized jacket

I love oversized. it’s just so kind for your body and easy to combine. I have rules for myself when wearing oversized: don’t over-oversize. When you wear a wide skirt together with an oversized sweater, you just look like a thrash can. And that’s not something to like. But the better tip is: just wear what you like.

On a sunny day in winter I taked my army jacket out just to chill. There is a good story behind this jacket. I want everything to be clean. I love to smell good and my whole room is filled with parfum and body mists. Therefore, shopping at a vintage store is really a challenge. The clothes that don’t smell new is something to get used to. However, you have such good things at vintage stores. So I said to myself not to whine about it and just taked a look. It was awesome! I went to Amsterdam, where you have ‘De negen straatjes’. Those are 9 beautiful streets, laying next to the beautiful canals. You have so nice shops here, where they have things not everyone is walking away with on the street.

I mostly buy all my clothes with a story: I know where I bought it and with who I bout it. That makes it so special. Back to the outfit: I combined it with a turtleneck and a black jeans. A turtleneck is really a must have for me. It can make jackets look so much better when you wear a turtleneck below it. The photo is taken in my backyard, in the nature I love. Did you became curious? See my outfit!



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