Must see fashiondocumentary: IRIS

Photocredits: Waiamcia/Flickr

The world is overloaded with fashion icons. If you look on Instagram, you see a lot of girls posing with their outfits. Less frequently do you see a 93 year old fashion icon. This icon is Iris Apfel. She is still rocking her best outfits. Not only when see is home, but also at the frontrow at the best shows. She is sitting next to big names as Anna Wintour.

Iris Apfel has dat one of a kind look. She is not only wearing the big brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. She wears them, but she combines it with affordable things. For example, you can see in the documentary a moment where Iris is buying a necklace. She doesn’t want it for the full price, only for the half of it. Iris is a big inspiration. When I looked the documentary, I wanted to dress cool right away. It was twelve o’clock at that moment, but I still opened my closet to pick my most beautiful clothes.

Iris is not only a fashion icon, she is also an interior designer. She had a big company with her husband Carl Apfel. They designed among other things for the White House and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She traveled a lot for her work, where she got even more inspired to dress up good. Looking for inspiration? Then you definetely have to take a look at this documentary!



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