How do models get scouted?

I am very fascinated by models. The one in a million look. The girls or boys that were not always the most beautiful in high school, but very special. Therefore I love to follow the world of modeling. I love to be up to date when there are new models upcoming, or when models make a comeback. But how do this models get scouted? A lot of people don’t know this. I made a production about it, where I went scouting together with Xandra van Rooijen and Marielle Macville. They were international high fashion models by themselves, before Xandra started Xandra van Rooijen Model Management.

We went looking for the most special girls. Models have to be very tall and are always a head above their friends. They also have to be healthy thin, because otherwise they don’t fit the clothes. I scouted a while for Xandra van Rooijen by myself, where I developed my view of models.

Of course you are excited for the video, so you don’t have to wait any longer!


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